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Goron Village (Spirit Tracks)

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Goron Village
Goron Village Map.png
The Goron Village in Spirit Tracks
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Goron Village is a location in Spirit Tracks, located in the Fire Realm in Hyrule.[1] As its name implies, it is the home of the Goron race.

Features and Overview

The village is home to the Goron Elder and Kagoron, the Mountain Goddess's messenger.[2] The main area of the village consists of seven houses, including the Goron Country Store and the Goron Elder's house. To reach the Fire Sanctuary, Link must go through the Goron Elder's house, which has the entrance to the sanctuary at the back.[3] To the west of the village is a path that leads to the Altar of the Mountain Goddess, where Kagoron is located. This path requires the extensive use of the Whip, which the young hero must use in order to cross the lava pits.

When Link first arrives in Goron Village, lava is erupting from the ground preventing entrance to the main area. Link is advised to visit Kagoron at the Altar of the Mountain Goddess.[2] After Link speaks with Kagoron and tells him of his wishes to enter the Fire Sanctuary, Kagoron grants the young hero the freight car, which is what Link must use to retrieve Mega Ice from Wellspring Station in order to cool off the lava and allow the Gorons to enter the village.[4] Once Link manages to bring enough Mega Ice to freeze the lava, he will then have the opportunity to speak with the Goron Elder, who grants Link passage to the trail leading to the Fire Sanctuary to meet with Embrose.[5]

Force Gems

After finishing the Fire Temple, Link can purchase some Goron Iron for 100 Rupees forged by one of the Gorons.[6][7] By taking at least five units of this iron to a man in Whittleton, Link will gain a Force Gem that reveals Spirit Tracks between the Forest and Snow Realms. An Anouki will also provide Link with a new Force Gem if taken to Goron Village, but only after Link takes a Goron to Anouki Village.[8]

One Goron is still kept from entering his house due to lava, but if Link brings him Mega Ice, he will be rewarded with a third Force Gem.[9] Lastly, after Link defeats Cragma, the boss of the Fire Temple, Kogoron reveals that he wants to meet the princess asks to be brought to a big city.[10] Despite his initial disapproval, the Goron Elder thinks that a trip to Hyrule Castle Town will help his grandson fully appreciate their village.[11] After driving Kogoron to Castle Town, the young hero gains yet another Force Gem.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.gif
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ゴロンの村 (Goron no Mura) Goron Village
French-speaking countries French Village Goron Goron Village
Federal Republic of Germany German Goronendorf
Italian Republic Italian Villaggio Goron
Spanish-speaking countries Spanish Aldea Goron


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