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Goron Village (Majora's Mask)

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See also: Goron City and Goron Village (Spirit Tracks).
Goron Village
The Goron Village from Majora's Mask
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The Goron Village is a location in Majora's Mask.[1]

Features and Overview

A picture of the torches seen in the Goron Shrine, from the Bombers' Notebook in Majora's Mask 3D

Situated in the Snowhead region of Termina, Goron Village is the home of the Gorons in the land. Since the weather has been so cold, many of the Gorons have retreated into the Goron Shrine in the center of the village to keep themselves warm. To the east side of the village is a cave housing the Lens of Truth. On the west side of the village, Medigoron can be found within his shop, where he sells Powder Kegs and approves the worthy Gorons who can complete his test to use the Kegs.[2][3][4]

During the winter, a single Goron will be standing on top of the Goron Shrine entrance, allowing Link entrance to it if he does not possess the Goron Mask. Once spring returns to the village, most Gorons (including the Goron Elder) can be found either inside the Shrine or at the Goron Racetrack.

There is also a Business Scrub nearby who will sell Goron Link a bigger Bomb Bag for 200 Rupees by exchanging his older Bomb Bag.

Goron Shrine

Goron Shrine

The Goron Shrine is the home of many Gorons during the winter season,[5] including the Goron Elder and his son. If Goron Link speaks to the Gorons within the Shrine, they will express their disbelief that it is Darmani III, not knowing that it is actually Link wearing the Goron Mask, in which Darmani's soul is encased.[6][7] The sharp cries of the baby cause the rest of the Gorons to become uneasy, trying to cover the ears and tune out the bawling and screaming of the Elder's son.[8][9] Once Goron Link plays the "Goron Lullaby" to the child, he will fall asleep, lighting the torches in his room and relieving the rest of the Gorons of his cries.

Torches can be found all around the Goron Shrine and, once they are all lit up, the chandelier above will light up and start spinning. By breaking one of the Goron heads on the chandelier, Link can find a Rock Sirloin and take it to the hungry Goron in Mountain Village.

The entrance of the Goron Shrine is tightly shut during the winter, and it only stays open for a short amount of time in order to keep the cold from coming inside;[10] however, in the spring, the door is widely open for anyone to freely come and go.

Lone Peak Shrine

The Lone Peak Shrine,[11] which contains the Lens of Truth locked away in a chest, is located across an endless abyss in Goron Village. In order to reach the entrance to the shrine, Link must follow Kaepora Gaebora as he drops feathers that reveal invisible platforms leading to the other side. Inside the Lone Peak Shrine are many invisible enemies, including Big Skulltulas, that the young hero will only be able to see once he has retrieved the Lens of Truth.

Once springtime arrives to the village, the floating platforms leading to the Lone Peak Shrine will be visible, rendering the Lens of Truth useless to reach the other side.


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TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.gif
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ゴロンの里 Goron's Domain
Canada FrenchCA Village goron (MM3D) Goron village
French Republic FrenchEU Village Goron Goron Village
Federal Republic of Germany German Goronendorf
Community of Latin American and Caribbean States SpanishLA Pueblo goron (MM3D)



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