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Goron Target Range

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Goron Target Range
Goron Target Range.png
Location(s)Fire Realm
Game(s)Spirit Tracks
Main PrizeTreasure, Rupees
Cost20 Rupees

The Goron Target Range is a mini-game in Spirit Tracks.

Location and Rules

The Goron Target Range is situated in the Fire Realm, just west of the Goron Village. For just 20 Rupees, Link can participate in this minigame, which consists of hitting blue and red targets with bombs from the cannon while riding the Spirit Train. Blue targets, which yield 10 points each, can only be hit once before they're destroyed, while red targets can be hit three times for a total of 90 points before they get destroyed. However, if Link hits a target with a face of a Goron, he will lose 30 points.[1]

As Link is riding the Spirit Train, which moves automatically,[2] he must hit the targets that pop up on the side of the tracks. Some of the targets do not change, while others rotate, sometimes revealing a Goron face at the back of said target. Towards the end of the minigame, he will also encounter targets that are floating up in the air.


If Link scores enough points, he will be given the choice between a small chest and a big chest, each yielding a different reward.[3] The big chest yields Rupees, while the smaller one contains a treasure. The greater Link's score, the more valuable his reward is likely to be. Ironically, the value of the reward in the small treasure chest is always of greater value than the reward found in the big Rupee chest. If the young hero scores 1000 points, he will be able to unlock the second level, an expansion of the first one.[4] This allows Link to obtain even higher scores and obtain better rewards.

The prizes obtainable for after a certain score are as follows:

Score Prize
Big Chest Small Chest
(Consolation Prize)[5]
None None
0100-0790 ST Green Rupee Icon.png Rupees Treasure
(worth 50 Rupees)
0800-1590 ST Green Rupee Icon.png 20 Rupees Treasure
(worth 150 Rupees)
ST Green Rupee Icon.png 100 Rupees Treasure
(worth 500 Rupees)
(The Goro-prize)[7]
ST Green Rupee Icon.png 200 Rupees Treasure
(worth 500 Rupees, occasionally 2500 Rupees)


  • The maximum score obtainable in this mini-game (obtained by hitting all of the blue and red targets and none of the Goron targets) is 2560 points. Although the position of the balloon targets will vary every time, the exact number of targets remains the same.
  • The Goron Target Range is very similar to the Cannon Game of Phantom Hourglass, as both require the use of Link's Cannon on his ship or train to hit targets, which are themselves very similar.
  • The minigame's background theme is the same as that heard when Link is heading towards Hyrule Castle Town for the first time.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ゴロン遊技場 (Goron Yuugijou) Goron Amusement Center
French-speaking countries French Champ de tir Goron Goron Firing Range
Federal Republic of Germany German Goronen-Freizeitpark Goron Amusement Park
Italian Republic Italian Svago goron
Spanish-speaking countries Spanish Centro Lúdico Goron Playful Goron Center


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