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Goron Island Shop

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Goron Island Shop
Goron Island Shop.png
Inside the shop
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The Goron Island Shop[1] is a shop found in Phantom Hourglass. Located in Goron Island, it offers a wide variety of common items for sale, such as Bombchu and arrows. Once Link obtains Bombchu from the Goron Temple, the Goron Island Shop will put up a Bombchu Bag upgrade for sale at 1000 Rupees.

Like all the other shops, the Goron Island Shop also offers a random treasure. Only one treasure is available at any time, and the one it offers is random. After Link buys one treasure from the shop, it will take a day for the shop to restock with a new, random treasure.

Wares and Prices

Item Price
ST Arrows Model.png
Arrows (10)
PH Green Rupee Icon.png 50 Rupees
PH Bombchu Model.png
Bombchu (10)
PH Green Rupee Icon.png 50 Rupees
PH Bombchu Bag Model.png
Bombchu Bag
PH Green Rupee Icon.png 1000 Rupees
ST Purple Potion Model.png
Purple Potion
PH Green Rupee Icon.png 150 Rupees
Random Treasure Varies
ST Yellow Potion Model.png
Yellow Potion
PH Green Rupee Icon.png 150 Rupees


See Also


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