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Goron Iron

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Goron Iron
Goron Iron.png
Main appearance(s)
100 Rupees
Used to form weaponry

Goron Iron is an item in Spirit Tracks.[1] It is a malleable,[2] heat-resistant metal manufactured by the Gorons of Goron Village.[3]

Location and Uses

ST Goron Iron Icon.png

This durable iron is, like Mega Ice and Fish, only significant to certain sidequests in Spirit Tracks that require the ferrying of such materials to an external, often far-off, location. At the smithy west of Goron Village, the Goron Iron can be purchased in packs of 20 from the Goron ironsmith inside for 100 Rupees, a price that includes the loading of the iron to the Spirit Train.

Link must ferry at least 5 pieces of hot Goron Iron to Whittleton, a small town in the Forest Realm, so that the lumberman can craft an axe from not only the scalding, malleable iron, but infuse the metal axehead with a wooden handle, made from the readily-available lumber found around Whittleton. Link must be wary in concern to the amount of usable iron in his possession; as long as Link stays in the Fire Realm, the iron will stay hot and malleable. Once Link leaves the Fire Realm though, the iron will begin to cool and stiffen, rendering it unusable. If in fact Link makes it to the lumberman in time, he will reward Link with a Force Gem, which reveals more Spirit Tracks upon the world map.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
Canada FrenchCA Acier Goron
Federal Republic of Germany German Eisen
Italian Republic Italian Metallo goron
Spanish-speaking countries Spanish Acero Goron Goron Steel



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