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Goron Elder's Son

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Goron Elder's Son
MM3D Goron Elder's Son Model.png
Race Goron
Gender Male
Era Era of the Hero of Time
Family Goron Elder (father)

The Goron Elder's Son is a character in Majora's Mask.[1]


The Goron Elder's Son lives in the Goron Village and can be found crying inside the Goron Shrine. He wails so loudly that he extinguishes the torches outside of his room.[2] The Gorons inside the shrine hold their heads to try and muffle the shrill, sharp sound of his crying. He is crying because his father, the Goron Elder, has gone out and has not come back.[3]

When Link unfreezes the Goron Elder, he teaches him the intro to the "Goron Lullaby," called the "Lullaby Intro."[4] To learn the rest, Link must play the intro in front of his son, who will sing the rest of the notes.[5] After Link learns the full song, the Goron Elder's Son will become calm and fall asleep, as will several of the surrounding Gorons.[6]

After Link defeats Goht in the Snowhead Temple, the Goron Elder's Son will be waiting for him outside the Goron Racetrack. If talked to, he will begin to cry, as the entrance to the racetrack is blocked by a boulder.[7] Link can open the entrance by blowing up the boulder with a Powder Keg as Goron Link.[8][9] After that, the elder's son will root for Link in the Goron Races.[10][11]


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 長老の息子 (Chourou no Musuko) Elder's Son



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