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Goron Elder

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Goron Elder
Goron Elder's artwork from Majora's Mask
Race Goron
Gender Male[1]
Era Era of the Hero of Time
Era of Light and Dark
Family Son (MM)
Kogoron (Grandson) (ST)

Goron Elder is a title given to several Goron characters in The Legend of Zelda series.[2][3]


Majora's Mask

MM GoronElder.png

In Majora's Mask, the Goron Elder is an aged Goron who acts as the tribal patriarch of the Gorons in Goron Village and is the father of the Goron Elder's Son.[4][5] The Goron Elder had left the village and became frozen,[6] resulting in his son crying loudly. On a quest to calm the child down, Link finds the ancient Goron Elder frozen at the Twin Islands. Link, as Goron Link, can free him by using Hot Spring Water, but the Elder refuses to acknowledge him, thinking he is an illusion of Darmani III.[7] However, when he is told his son misses him, he teaches Link the "Goron Lullaby" introduction and implores him to soothe his son to sleep.[5][8][9] Even when unfrozen, the Goron Elder will freeze again if left to stand in the cold.

After the defeat of Goht and the arrival of spring, the Goron Elder can be found unfrozen in Goron Village. He offers the position of tribal patriarch to Goron Link whom he assumes is Darmani.[10]

Oracle of Ages

Goron Elder OOA.png

In Oracle of Ages, a Goron Elder is patriarch of the Gorons in Rolling Ridge who becomes trapped beneath some fallen rocks in the past.[11] The other Gorons tried to break away the rocks, but even with their strength, they could not break it. They require the use of a Bomb Flower,[12] which had not been seen in years. In the present, the Great Moblin built his fortress on the western peak of Rolling Ridge and kept all Bomb Flowers for himself.[13] Once Link defeats the Great Moblin, the Gorons have their Bomb Flowers returned to them. As thanks, Link is rewarded with a Bomb Flower which he takes into the past to free the Goron Elder, who admits that he was not in any trouble at all.[14] After the incident, the Goron Elder can be found at the Goron Shooting Gallery.

In a Linked Game of Oracle of Seasons, a Goron claiming to be one of the Goron Elder's descendants appears within Goron Mountain. Apparently, the Goron Elder had traveled from Labrynna to Holodrum and settled in the mountains there. The Goron holds the Elder's diary, and would have liked to have asked him the meaning of a secret found within. Link can bring this password to the Goron Elder, who, having only thought of it later on in the future, will thank Link for telling him this new secret.[15] After testing his skills in the Goron Shooting Gallery, the Goron Elder gives Link the Biggoron's Sword as thanks for teaching him the secret.[16]

Twilight Princess


In Twilight Princess, there are four Goron Elders: Gor Coron, Gor Amoto, Gor Liggs, and Gor Ebizo. When the Goron Patriarch, Darbus, is transformed into the Twilit Igniter Fyrus by one of the three Fused Shadows, the Elders lock him away deep inside the Goron Mines, where Gor Amoto, Gor Liggs, and Gor Ebizo station themselves. Each helds a fragment of the Key needed to get into the room where Fyrus is being kept. In order to enter the mines, Link must defeat Gor Coron in a sumo wrestling test. After this, he is allowed to explore the mines and recover the three pieces of the Key.

After defeating Fyrus and returning him to normal, the four elders can be found in different places. Gor Ebizo can be found inside Malo Mart, and Gor Liggs outside it. Both of them work alongside Malo and Link to help extend Malo Mart to Castle Town. Gor Amoto remains inside Death Mountain along with Gor Coron and Darbus. Darbus and Gor Coron later move down to Kakariko Village to help Link restore Ilia's memories. Gor Coron tells Link about the existence of the Hidden Village and sets Darbus to deal with the boulder that blocks the entrance. After this, both of them return to Death Mountain, where they remain for the rest of the game.

Spirit Tracks


In Spirit Tracks, a Goron Elder appears in the Goron Village of the Fire Realm, where he lives with his grandson.[17] Like Kagoron, the Elder has a strikingly ashy appearance compared to the other Gorons living in the village.

Upon meeting him, Princess Zelda is quite intimidated, and tries to encourage Link to make a good first impression.[1] After teh Goron Child informs his grandfather about Link's Mega Ice quest necessary to qualm the fire geysers in the village,[18] the Elder immediately warms up to Link. In return, he steps aside so Link can use his house as a passage to the Fire Sanctuary.[19]



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TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.gif
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ゴロン長老 (Goron Chōrō)
ロウゴロン (Rōgoron) (ST)
Goron Elder
Taken from adding the prefic "Rō-", meaning "old", to the word "Goron"
French-speaking countries French Ancêtre des Gorons
Ancien des Gorons
Gorons Ancestor
Gorons Elder
Federal Republic of Germany German ltesten der Goronen Oldest Goron
Italian Republic Italian Goron Anziano
Goron SaggioTriforce piece.png
Grogoron (ST)
Goron Elder
Goron Sage
Kingdom of Spain SpanishEU Anciano Goron
Goron Elder