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Goron Child

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Goron Child
Race Goron
Gender Male[1]
Family Goron Elder (grandfather)

The Goron Child is a Goron child who resides in the Goron Village in Spirit Tracks.[2] He is the grandson of the Goron Elder.[3]



Upon first visiting the Goron Village, the Goron Child informs Link that the entrance to the village is blocked by fire geysers. After he brings Mega Ice and extinguished the flames blocking his way to the village, Link is granted access to the Fire Sanctuary by the Goron Elder who first notes that Link must prove himself, only to be swayed moments later when his grandson runs into the room, noting that Link was the one whose efforts put out the lava.

After he defeats Cragma, the boss of the Fire Temple, the Goron Child tells Link he wants to meet a princess and asks him to be brought to a big city. His grandfather thinks that a trip to Hyrule Castle Town will help his grandson realize that his village is paradise, something that the his grandson does not understand.[1] When Link brings him to Hyrule's capital city, the young Goron mistakes Lucia for a princess before rewarding Link with a Force Gem. Later, the he tells Link that he feels short-changed and homesick;[4] if he cheers him up, the Goron Child gives Link a Goron Amber.[5]


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese コゴロン (Kogoron) Taken from adding the prefic "Ko-", meaning "small" or "child", to the word "Goron"
French-speaking countries French Tigoron

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