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Goron Blood Brothers

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Goron Blood Brothers
BotW Blood Brothers Nabooru.jpg
The Goron Blood Brothers at Mount Nabooru
Location(s)Gut Check Rock
Mount Nabooru
HeadquartersGoron City
Link Triforce piece.png

The Goron Blood Brothers are a trio of Goron siblings in Breath of the Wild.


The Goron Blood Brothers consist of Bayge the eldest,[1] Heehl, and Kabetta the youngest.[2] The three brothers are each highly engrossed in difficult training exercises of strength and endurance.[3][4] Their home is located in southern Goron City, however it is abandoned and left with a sign saying they have left to train.[5]

The Goron Blood Brothers are involved in two Shrine Quests: the "Test of Will" and "The Gut Check Challenge". In the former, the three brothers have traveled to Mount Nabooru to train in heat endurance, and challenge Link to join them. Beating both of their contests reveals the Joloo Nah Shrine. In "The Gut Check Challenge", Bayge challenges Link to the Gut Check Challenge mini-game where he must climb Gut Check Rock while collecting enough Rupees. Beating the mini-game permits Link to approach the Gorae Torr Shrine.

Upon first clearing the Gut Check Challenge, Bayge becomes so impressed with Link that he appoints him as the honorary fourth Goron Blood Brother.[6]



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