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Good-Sized Horse

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Good-Sized Horse
BotW Good-Sized Horse.jpg
Zyle requesting a suitably sized Horse
Quest Giver Zyle
Location Gerudo Canyon
Reward Gold Rupee

Good-Sized Horse is a Side Quest in Breath of the Wild.[citation needed]


Link can begin the Side Quest by speaking to Zyle, who can be found standing near a Cooking Pot in the Gerudo Canyon. Zyle tells Link that he was attacked by monsters,[1] causing his Horse to run away and leaving him stranded.[2] Zyle asks Link to sell him a Horse for 300 Rupees if he finds one for him so that he may continue his travels.[3][4] Link agrees to find him a Horse and Zyle's only request is that the Horse is not too big but "suitably sized."[5]

To get Zyle a Horse, Link must ride any unregistered Horse to his location and speak to him. The only Horse that Zyle will not accept is the Giant Horse, as it is the only Horse in Hyrule that is bigger than normal. Link can find some Horses nearby at the Gerudo Canyon Pass. Upon returning to Zyle with a Horse, Zyle is excited that the Horse is just like his old one and asks if he could have it for 300 Rupees.[6][7] Link agrees to sell the Horse and Zyle pays him 300 Rupees as promised.[8] Before departing, Zyle expresses excitement about his new partner and the Side Quest will be completed.[9][10]


Stage Description
1 You ran into a traveler named Zyle on a road in the Gerudo region—he's in trouble after losing his horse on his journey.

He says he'll give you 300 rupees if you bring him a horse...but it has to be appropriately sized for Zyle's body frame.
Complete Zyle lost his horse during his travels and he seems to have approved of the one that you gave him to replace it.

You gave the horse to him for 300 rupees.

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