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Golden Whistle

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Golden Whistle
Golden Whistle.png
Other appearance(s)
Weakens Moblins
Teleports Link back in time
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The Golden Whistle is an item featured in the book The Shadow Prince. It is first introduced after Impa advises Link to travel to the Water Town of Saria and retrieve the Mirror of Truth. To help him on his travels, she hands him the Golden Whistle, although she doesn't explain its use.[1]

During his journey to Saria Town, if Link decides to go through the Midoro Swamp instead of taking the detour through Ruto Town, he will promptly get surrounded by a pack of Moblins.[2] If Link has the Golden Whistle with him, he can use it to create a high-pitched, piercing sound that weakens the Moblin. However, after blowing on it one last time, the whistle shatters in his hands, but allows him to safely escape the Moblin ambush.[3] If, however, the young hero does not possess the Golden Whistle, he will die at the hands of the Moblins.[4]

By choosing not to go to Saria Town and thus not obtaining the Mirror of Truth, the young hero will eventually end up in a jail cell inside the Tower as punishment for claiming Charles is evil without having proof of his claims.[5] If Link did not use the whistle in Midoro Swamp and uses it in the prison cell, a black vortex will close in on him and make him travel back in time to when the king dubbed Charles a king of the Triforce, giving him another chance to decide to go to Saria Town and obtain the Mirror of Truth.[6]


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