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Silver Gauntlet.png Gold Gauntlet.png
The Silver and Golden Gauntlets
Other media
Moving and lifting heavy objects

The Gauntlets are a pair of items which boost Link's strength in Ocarina of Time.[1] There are two varieties: the Silver Gauntlets, and the Golden Gauntlets, the latter serving as a much stronger version.

Location and Uses

Silver Gauntlets

OoT3D Silver Gauntlets Icon.png Upon arriving at the Spirit Temple, Link is greeted by Sheik, who informs him that in order to restore the Spirit Temple and awaken the Sage, he must return as a child.[2] Similarly, an encarved statue of a cobra in the first room of the Temple hints at a "power of silver" from the past being used in the future.[3] As a child, Link will encounter Nabooru attempting to enter a crawlspace. After brief discussion, Nabooru asks Link for a favor: to enter the crawlspace and retrieve the Silver Gauntlets so that she may infiltrate the rest of the Temple, steal Ganondorf's treasure and impede his plans for domination.[4] In return, she promises to give "something great."[5]

Later when Link reaches the whereabouts of the Treasure Chest containing the Silver Gauntlets, the young hero discovers that Nabooru has been captured by Kotake and Koume, who kidnap her with their black magic. Before she disappears, she warns Link to run.[6] When Link returns for the Master Sword, he dons the Silver Gauntlets after resuming his adult form. With them, he is able to access previously inaccessible parts of the Spirit Temple by pushing a heavy block out of the way. The Silver Gauntlets also allow Link to lift large, gray rocks. Madder rocks, however, cannot be lifted.

Golden Gauntlets

OoT3D Golden Gauntlets Icon.png The Golden Gauntlets are located in the Shadow Barrier room of Ganon's Castle. They are considerably stronger than the Silver Gauntlets,[7] able to lift things that were previously impossible, such as giant, black stone pillars. One of these pillars obstructs the door to the Light Barrier room, forcing Link to use them to clear the path.

A second pillar appears outside of Ganon's Castle, in the region formerly housing the Great Fairy of Magic on the path to Hyrule Castle. When removed, the entrance to a Great Fairy's Fountain will be revealed, housing the Great Fairy of Courage. When summoned, she provides him with Enhanced Defense,[8] halving all damage taken.[9]

Non-canon Appearances

Hyrule Warriors

HW Link Silver Gauntlets Artwork.png
Link wielding the Silver Gauntlets

In Hyrule Warriors, the Gauntlets are a class of Weapon used by Link. They are associated with Lightning.

The Gauntlets are paired with a version of the Ball and Chain as a weapon, which is powerfully swung and tossed to attack enemies. The Gauntlets also enable Link to lift heavy objects, including Pots, Bomb Flowers, and even enemies. He is also capable of summoning large pillars of stone (identical to the ones that the Golden Gauntlets are able to lift in Ocarina of Time) to slam or swing into enemies as a combo attack. Due to its elemental nature, the Gauntlets also hold an electrical charge which can be used to attack enemies with or charge the Ball and Chain.


The Lv.1 Gauntlets are the Silver Gauntlets. It is paired with the Ball and Chain from Twilight Princess.

The Lv.2 Gauntlets are the Golden Gauntlets. It is paired with a golden, spiked version of the Ball and Chain.

The Lv.3 Gauntlets are the Power Gloves. It is paired with a Chain Chomp as its Ball and Chain, which bites into enemies and the ground as it is thrown.

The Lv.★ Gauntlets is the 8-Bit Power Bracelet, which is only available in Hyrule Warriors and Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition. Its gloves are paired with Power Bracelets, whose appearance are based from The Legend of Zelda. The 8-Bit Power Bracelet is also accessorized with the Raft from The Legend of Zelda as the Weapon's version of the Ball and Chain. In Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition, instead of appearing as a separate Weapon, the 8-Bit Power Bracelet replaces the Burning Gloves when the "8-Bit Weapons" Setting is turned on in Game Settings within the Settings menu.

The Lv.4 Gauntlets are the Power Gloves +, which are only available in Hyrule Warriors Legends and Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition. They appear identical to the Power Gloves but are a much stronger Weapon.

The Lv.4+ Gauntlets are the Burning Gloves, which only appear in Hyrule Warriors Legends and Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition. As a Multi-Element Weapon, the Burning Gloves are also associated with Fire. The Chain Chomp and the Gloves both have a metallic red finish.

Weapon Power
Weapon Number of Stars
Tier Icon Element(s) 0 1 2 3 4 5
Lv.1 HW Silver Gauntlets.png
Silver Gauntlets
HWDE Lightning Element Icon.png Lightning 80 88 96 104 112 120
Lv.2 HW Golden Gauntlets.png
Golden Gauntlets
HWDE Lightning Element Icon.png Lightning 150 165 180 195 210 225
Lv.3 HW Power Gloves.png
Power Gloves
HWDE Lightning Element Icon.png Lightning 280 308 336 364 392 420
Lv.★ (HW) HW 8-Bit Power Bracelet Icon.png
8-Bit Power Bracelet
HWDE Lightning Element Icon.png Lightning 280 308 336 364 392 420
Lv.4 (HWL) HW Power Gloves.png
Power Gloves +
HWDE Lightning Element Icon.png Lightning 500 550 600 650 700 750
Lv.4+ (HWL) HW Power Gloves.png
Burning Gloves
HWDE Lightning Element Icon.png Lightning
HWDE Fire Element Icon.png Fire
500 550 600 650 700 750

Attack Combinations

Attack Pattern Effect
Y X X X Link lifts up a clump of earth and throws it at enemies. Then burrows underground, only to erupt out of it while performing a powerful uppercut punch.
Y Y X X X Link bumps his fists together, creating an electrical burst of energy. He then fist-pounds the ground, sending three electric bursts forward. He then does a large swipe with his left hand
Y Y Y X X X Link pulls out a giant stone pillar from the ground and flips it over his head, suplexing it into the ground behind him. He then grabs it by the end and spins it around him, before tossing it into the air. Link then jumps up to grab hold of it, and then slams it down into the ground, shattering it.
Y Y Y Y X The gauntlets become electrified as Link slams his hands into the ground. He then lifts a portion of the ground up as he does a backflip, exploding it with electrical energy.
Y Y Y Y X Link swings the ball and chain horizontally three times in a sweeping motion, then slings the ball in front of him twice, with the last hit dealing knockback.
Special Attack
Main article: Special Attack

Link slams the iron ball into the ground, then jumps into the air as he pulls the chain, causing the world to briefly flip upside-down. The world is then flipped back into place and damages enemies nearby. This attack damages a moderate range in all directions around Link.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name
Silver Gauntlet Golden Gauntlet
Canada FrenchCA Gantelets d'argent (OoT3D) Gantelets d'or (OoT3D)
Federal Republic of Germany German Krafthandschuhe Triforce piece.png (OoT)
Silberhandschuhe Triforce piece.png (OoT3D)
Titanhandschuhe Triforce piece.png (OoT)
Goldhandschuhe Triforce piece.png (OoT3D)
Italian Republic Italian Guanti d'argento (OoT3D) Guanti d'oro (OoT3D)
Community of Latin American and Caribbean States SpanishLA Guantes de Plata (OoT3D) Guantes de Oro (OoT3D)


Video Gallery

Hyrule Warriors gameplay of Link wielding the Gauntlets


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