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Goddess Crest

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Goddess Crest
Use(s) Assembling the Ancient Tablet
Unlocking Goddess Cube Chests
Replenishing Items
Comparable Object(s) Hylian Crest

The Goddess Crest is a recurring symbol in Skyward Sword that represents the goddess Hylia, appearing throughout many Temples from the era in which she was in power. The predecessor to the Wingcrest and the Hylian Crest, it has multiple functions, all of which are activated by a Skyward Strike. Other, more bird-like variations of the crest can be found throughout Skyloft, including on Zelda's clothing.

Location and Uses

Temples and the Ancient Tablet

Glowing, levitating Goddess Crests are found in the Statue of the Goddess in Skyloft, Skyview Spring in Skyview Temple, the Earth Spring in the Earth Temple, and the Isle of Songs. Triggering the first with a Skyward Strike raises the altar on which the Ancient Tablet is to be assembled, while the second and third grant recorded messages from Hylia and access to the Ruby and Amber Tablets. The fourth is used in the quest for the Sacred Flames.

Goddess Cubes

Main article: Goddess Cube

Goddess Cubes are cubes of an unknown metal with the Goddess Crest embossed on them. A Skyward Strike converts them to a beam of light that shoots into the sky and activates a corresponding Goddess Cube Chest.

Goddess Wall

Main article: Goddess Wall

The Goddess Crest also sometimes appears on the walls of Dungeons. Charging up a Skyward Strike and then drawing the form of a consumable Item (e.g. Hearts, Rupees, Bombs, Arrows) where the symbol is will lead to that Item appearing. Drawing the Triforce will produce Fairies.


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