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Goddess Chest

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Goddess Chest
SS Chest3.png

Goddess Chest are objects in Skyward Sword.[1]

Location and Uses

Goddess Chests are special Treasure Chests found only on various islands in the Sky in Skyward Sword. Unlike regular blue Chests, these are violet in color when activated; before activation, Goddess Chests appear gray and cannot be opened.

Each Goddess Chest has its own corresponding Goddess Cube found on the Hyrule. A Chest cannot be opened until its corresponding Cube has been struck with a Skyward Strike. Upon doing so, the Cube will send a beam of light to the Sky, indicating that its Goddess Chest has been activated. When Link returns to the Sky, he can check his Map to see that Fi has marked the location of the activated Chest on his Map. Link can then fly to the Island that holds the Goddess Chest and take claim of the contents.

Goddess Chests contain various rare treasures such as Pieces of Heart, Medals, Adventure Pouch slots, Gold and Silver Rupees, Quivers, Bomb Bags, and Seed Satchels.


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