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Glitches in Tri Force Heroes

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These are known glitches which are possible to perform in Tri Force Heroes. Please read the Glitch Disclaimer Notes before attempting any of the glitches on this page.

Water Rod Glitch

  • Effect: Control the other players as Doppels.
  • Prerequisites: Have the Water Rod while playing online.
  • How To: If a player uses the Water Rod above the Triforce Gateway and one person disconnects, the spout will still go down and the host player will still be sent to the next Stage, but the other two players will act like Doppels. These inactive players can be switched between, and the Totem mechanics will behave the same, however the host player will not be able to pause or switch back to themselves. Getting a game over corrects the glitch.[1]

Animation Storage

  • Effect: Allows Link to reach higher areas.
  • Prerequisites: Swim in any body of water or lava (Goron Garb).
  • How To: If Link swims near a ledge, the player can move the joystick very quickly, so that he begins the ledge get-up animation, but cancels it before the jump is actually performed. The game will then store that animation, and effectively use it somewhere else, even at ledges where the getup animation would not start. If Link is damaged by an enemy or presses A to swim faster before he uses the animation, it is lost, and the player has to perform the glitch again. This glitch was popularized in The Legend of Zelda: Link Between Worlds and was carried over due to the games sharing the same engine.[2] Link will attempt to get up even if there is no ledge, for exemple against a wall. This was tested in the bridge before Hytopia Castle, if the player swims to the bottom of the bridge after storing the get-up animation, and hits a wall, Link will clip through the bridge and stand on top like normal.[3]

Camera Glitch

  • Effect: Shutter is shown in photos.
  • Prerequisites: Get the Camera from the Photo Bro, and be in the Drablands.
  • How To: Seemingly occurs at random; needs more research. Might be caused by taking a photo quickly after taking a first one, since the previous shutter then does not have enough time to close before the second photo is made.

Frozen Boomerang Glitch

  • Effect: Boomerang catches a player and stops.
  • Prerequisites: Have the Boomerang while playing online.
  • How To: While catching a player with a Boomerang, there is a random occurrence that the player and Boomerang will become stuck. Internet connection might be the cause; needs more research.

Sliding on Water

  • Effect: Link slides on water for a little while.
  • Prerequisites: Find a ramp leading to a swim-able body of water. The first section of the Water Temple is a good place for this.
  • How To: Dash on a ramp towards a body of water and stop before reaching it, Link will slide on the water for a second.

No Flip Zone

  • Effect: Link will not flip the fence grate, but will be flipped by someone else.
  • Prerequisites: Be in the third area in the Water Temple.
  • How To: At the start, form a Totem with someone and use the Gripshot on the grate. Nothing will happen, but if someone else grips the grate, Link and the grate will spin.

Flip Clip

  • Effect: Link will fall out of bounds after flipping the fence grate.
  • Prerequisites: Be in the third area in the Water Temple.
  • How To: At the start, place a water column beside the fence grate. Link then stands on the column and prepares to use the Gripshot diagonally toward the fence grate. Position Link so that the Gripshot will attach to the small inside edge of the grate, then fire. When the grate flips, Link will clip inside the fence and be able to drop into the water, still inside the fence. If Link then swims along the fence toward a wall, he'll be able to swim outside the boundaries of the stage.

Communication Icon Spam

  • Effect: Rapidly express Communication Icons at impossible speeds.
  • Prerequisites: Be playing online in any stage except the Coliseum.
  • How To: There are two methods to performing this glitch; the first will only work at times when an online game can be paused. Hold the Communication Icon that you want to "spam", then release it and press Start to pause within the span of several frames, or about one tenth of a second. Be warned that attempting this glitch repeatedly may pose a risk of accidentally quitting the game in progress. The second method can be done at any time, but only when controlling Blue Link, or by another Link when Blue Link is onscreen and also displaying a Communication Icon. Like the first method, hold the Icon that you want to spam, then with the same timing, release it and quickly press and hold any Icon situated to the left of and/or above the released Icon. The upper-leftmost Communication Icon (usually "Over Here!" or "Let's Go!") cannot be spammed with this method.


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