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Glitches in Ocarina of Time 3D

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These are the glitches which are possible to perform in Ocarina of Time 3D. Please read the Glitch Disclaimer Notes before attempting any of the glitches on this page.


Triple Slash Clip

Triple Slash Clip through the house in Kakariko
  • Effect: Link will teleport backwards and if positioned correctly, Link can clip through walls and objects.
  • Prerequisites: A sword
  • How to: Press B to slash your sword thrice in succession, then either press the Navi icon or A to put the sword away. This will cause Link to look as if he has teleported back.
  • Notes: To clip through walls align Link to a correct position in an acute angle. You can get back in bounds simply by walking through the wall. Triple Slash Clip is widely used for different sequence breaks or out of bounds tricks. This glitch will not work with Deku Sticks or the Biggoron Sword as their movesets are different.

Navi Dive

Navi Dive to the bottom of the small pond in Lost Woods
  • Effect: Use Triple Slash Clip with Navi to go fall to the bottom of a body of water.
  • Prerequisites: Sword, Navi-icon active, a correct angle
  • How To: Place yourself in a correct angle next to a body of water and something that your sword can hit. Slash your sword thrice in succession without falling into the water and then immediately talk to Navi. If done correctly Link falls under the water with Navi's text box active.
  • Notes: This can be used for escaping the forest early by going to the Lost Woods and using the small lake with the grey stone to Navi Dive and quickly swimming to the portal after the text box finishes. This is also an alternate method for getting to the Bottom of the Well early.

Restricted Items Glitch

Link using a Bomb inside the Fishing Pond
  • Effect: Use a restricted item anywhere.
  • Prerequisites: An item that you cannot use in the area and an item that is allowed to use in the same area
  • How to: Equip the usable item in X or Y. Then go to the Item Menu, switch the item you want to be able to use to the allowed item's spot. Leave the menu and press the assigned button (X or Y) rapidly to increase the chance of using it.
  • Notes: This glitch is extremely useful for stealing the Fishing Rod and for wrong warping.

This does not work when wanting to use Adult Items as a child or vice versa due to not being able to equip the items.

Use Bombs anywhere

  • Effect: Use Bombs even if their use is not allowed in that area.
  • Prerequisites: Bombs, usable item
  • How to: Simply perform the restricted items glitch described above.

Use Farore's Wind Anywhere

Adult Link with a freed camera angle in Castle Town
  • Prerequisites: Farore's Wind obtained, as well an item that can be used outside the overworld and dungeons (e.g. a potion in Castle Town)
  • How To: Go to an area where Farore's Wind is unusable and set it, along with another, usable item to X and Y. Then go into the "Items" menu and swap the two items around once and press B to exit it. Now you need to tap the Farore's Wind button just before the top screen turns bright. If you are successful, you will be able to cast a warp point and return to it in places such as Castle Town or the interior of a building.
  • Notes: When used at the entrance gate to Castle Town, this glitch allows you to see the area from a third person perspective, exposing some non-existent walls and scenery replaced with a black void.

Doom Jump

Link Doom Jumping in Kakariko graveyard
  • Effect: Boost Link high up in the air.
  • Prerequisites: either Iron or Hover Boots, Hookshot or Longshot
  • How to: Go near an object that the Hookshot can grab onto, equip the Iron or Hover Boots, and target the object with the Hookshot. Press L with the Hookshot button still held down, use the Circle Pad to slightly look up or down. As you let go of the Circle Pad, unequip the boots and Link will be boosted up high in the air.
  • Notes: This is useful for many different skips, most notably getting to the Shadow Temple early. To free the camera, you can either press R to shield when you are up or release L as you start your jump.

Forward Extended Super Slide

  • Effect: Link can slide around quickly.
  • Prerequisites: Bombs
  • How To: Face forward, pull out a bomb, then tilt the Circle Pad carefully so you start turning without moving forward, and hold L. Just before the Bomb explodes, let go of L. You should now start sliding around. Keep tapping L and when you face the direction you want to go, hold L.
  • Notes: Can be used to cross the quicksand in the Haunted Wasteland, thus skipping the Longshot.

Mega Flip

  • Effect: Backflip very far.
  • Prerequisites: Damage source
  • How To: Find any source of damage. Bombs or Withered Deku Babas are the easiest ways of performing it. Then you need to roll towards the damage source and as you are being hit quickly do a backflip. It will launch you backwards a long distance. The correct timing when using Bombs is to roll just as the bomb explodes.
  • Notes: You cannot backflip until the roll animation is completed. This can be used to get across the gap in the beginning of the Shadow Temple, making it possible to get the Hover Boots early in the Master Quest version as well without using Fire Arrows or Din's Fire and the Doom Jump at DampĂ©'s house to enter the temple.

Hookshot Clip

Hookshot clipping through a wall
  • Effect: Clip into objects or through walls with either the Hookshot or the Longshot.
  • Prerequisites: Hookshot or Longshot, a surface it can hook onto
  • How to: With the Hookshot in hand sidehop against the surface you want to clip through. Press the button you have your Hookshot on while in the air and aim. If Link's hand goes through the object and you can see the target going to the other side of the object, aim for it and shoot. Link should go through the object easily, assuming that the object targeted is quite low.
  • Notes: This is useful for several tricks and skips in the game. Probably the most well-known use is to skip most of the Gerudo Training Grounds.

Hover Boost

Link Hover Boosting to get on the roof of the House of the Twins
  • Effect: Use damage recoil to boost the distance you can hover with the Hover Boots.
  • Prerequisites: Hover Boots, a source of damage (usually a bomb)
  • How to: Place a bomb next to Link and on the second frame of damage slip on the Hover Boots and hover.
  • Notes: The timing can be quite tricky to learn, but the distance Hover Slide can cross is much greater than a megaflip making this very useful for several skips.

Walking while Talking

Walking while Talking activated
  • Effect: The camera stops following Link, making it possible to walk through certain objects that would otherwise stop Link from leaving an area.
  • Prerequisites: A hole you can crawl into, a sign and Deku Nuts
  • How to: Crawl into a hole, exit, quickly interact with an object that creates a textbox, break the object while in the textbox with a Deku Nut and now you should be able to walk.
  • Notes: The camera stops following Link, making it difficult to navigate. However, this glitch ends once the textbox ends. This is used to escape from Kokiri Forest.

Swimming in the Air

Link swimming on land
  • Effect: Link swims through air.
  • Prerequisites: A body of water with a walkable cliff such as the cliff in Lake Hylia that contains the Water Temple, Iron Boots
  • How to: Drop into water, equip the Iron Boots. When you fall to the bottom against the cliff unequip the boots, rise to the surface and as Link's head is about to rise over the water's surface equip the boots and simultaneously go to the Item Menu to switch the boots to a different button.

Item on B

  • Effect: Get an item other than the Sword on B.
  • Prerequisites: Depends on the method used
  • How to:

Stealing the Fishing Rod

Link stealing the Fishing Rod
  • Effect: Link steals the Fishing Rod from the Fishing Pond, which also causes B button to contain the rod outside of the pond.
  • Prerequisites: 20 Rupees, access to the Fishing Pond, Bombs or Farore's Wind
  • How to:
Bomb Method

Go to the Fishing Pond, pay 20 Rupees to the fisherman. Use Restricted Items Glitch to pull out a bomb, quickly cast the line into water. As the bomb explodes Link is damaged and can now move while holding the rod. Exit the Fishing Pond.

Farore's Wind Method

Set up a Farore's Wind warp-point outside of the Fishing Pond, go to the pond, start fishing and use Restricted Items Glitch to warp out of the pond.

  • Notes: Using the rod indoors will cause the game to freeze, meaning that you will have to reset because Link ends up stuck in the fishing animation.
Fishing Rod to Deku Stick
  • Effect: Will convert the stolen rod into a Deku Stick.
  • Prerequisites: Stolen Fishing Rod
  • How to: After having stolen the rod, get into water to gray out B, enter the pond again and exit. Now you have Deku Sticks on your B button that you can break.
  • Notes: Once you have broken all of the Deku Sticks the B button is blank again. If the player hopes to have other items on B, it is necessary to break all of the sticks.

Bottle Adventure

  • Effect: Bottle on B

New Game Plus+

  • Effect: Start a new game file with an item on B.
  • Prerequisites: An existing game file for manipulating what item you can get
  • How to:
A Sword on B
  • Effect: Link will start a game with a sword already equipped. This sword will not show in the inventory, however.
  • Prerequisites: A game file where Link has access to Epona or any other horse and a sword
  • How to: Equip a sword, ride a horse, save and quit. When you start a new game file, Link will already have either a Kokiri Sword or a Master Sword.
Any Item on B
  • Effect: Start a new game with any item on B.
  • Prerequisites: An existing game file, Bottle Adventure, Epona
  • How to: Follow Bottle Adventure, save on a horse and quit. Starting a new game file should now have the item the player had on B equipped.
  • Notes: Hookshot/Longshot and any of the special Boots will cause the game to softlock. Child Link also cannot use the Bow.

Wrong Warping

Wrong Warping is a glitch that centers around manipulating the game's memory. There are two main methods Death Hole Wrong Warp and Farore's Wind Wrong Warp, also known as Blue Warp Wrong Warp. When wrong warping, the game will try to load a cutscene - if the cutscene the game will try to warp the player to has already been seen, the game usually softlocks.

Death Hole Wrong Warp

Falling through the ground in Death Hole Wrong Warp
  • Effect: Use a grotto hole to wrong warp to a different location.
  • Prerequisites: Farore's Wind, low health, a fairy (optional), Ocarina Items, Restricted Items Glitch, either bombs on X or Y or Farore's Wind on B
  • How to: Place a Farore's Wind warp-point to a specific location (some of them are listed below in Sequence Breaks). Lower Link's health so that a bomb blast will kill him. Now go to a grotto entrance (a hole in the ground), place a bomb on the other side and as it is about to explode, jump attack towards the hole. Instead of dying next to the hole or going to the grotto, Link should fall through the map. Quitting the game via the Pause menu will result with Link in a different grotto or Lakeside Laboratory with the Touchscreen inactivated.

Now, it is possible to either use Farore's Wind right away (if on B), or activate the touchscreen with Ocarina Items. When touchscreen is usable again, use Farore's Wind to warp out. The location depends on both the placement of Farore's Wind warp-point and what cutscenes have already been loaded on the game file.

  • Notes: It is also possible to warp out with Warp Songs.

Farore's Wind Wrong Warp

Farore's Wind Wrong Warp uses Blue Warps to manipulate the warp location. Blue Warps are warp points in boss-rooms. Three of these can be used for wrong warping: Inside the Deku Tree, Dodongo's Cavern and the Fire Temple.

  • Effect: Warp to a different cutscene, replacing the one the game would usually load.
  • Prerequisites: Restricted Items Glitch with Farore's Wind or Farore's Wind on B
  • How to: Place a Farore's Wind warp-point, defeat a boss in any of the three mentioned boss-rooms. Align yourself so that Link will sidehop at the very edge of the Blue Warp. As Link is about to hit the ground, use Farore's Wind. If successful, the screen will start to fade out with the Blue Warp without Link, but the textbox will ask whether or not to warp using Farore's Wind. Before the screen has completely faded, agree to warp.
  • Notes: It is possible to softlock the game when doing this glitch if warping to a cutscene the game has already played or simply having placed the warp-point in an unfortunate place.

Ocarina Items

Adult Link playing an invisible Ocarina
  • Effect: Link starts playing an invisible ocarina, thus making it unnecessary to have one in your inventory beforehand.
  • Prerequisites: Bombs, any item that plays a cutscene when used such as full bottles (Ruto's Letter is an exception), Spells or Zelda's Letter.
  • How To: Take out a bomb and run around. When the bomb explodes there are a few frames where Link keeps running with his hands in the air. On the last frame with Link's arms up, use a mini-cutscene item. This causes Link to pull out an invisible ocarina.
Link running with hands up after the bomb has already exploded
  • Notes: Being able to replicate an ocarina has many uses and effects, such as this action freeing the touch screen if it's locked due to other glitches such as Death Hole Wrong Warping. There are also ways to tell how your timing might be off: if after pressing the cutscene item button Link goes into a throwing animation without throwing a bomb, your timing was early. If Link pulls out the item or goes into the item cutscene animation, your timing was late.

Infinite Sword Glitch

  • Effect: Link will slash his sword in every frame, causing the sword to be infinite. Link will not be able to fall down edges while this glitch is activated.
  • Prerequisites: A sword, correct position, low health, good luck
  • How to: Jump attack and take damage so that Link dies, then immediately restore Link's health back with a Heart or a Fairy. (This has to be gotten before Link goes into the death animation)
  • Notes: This glitch is much more difficult in Ocarina of Time 3D compared to the original. Because of this, there are fewer places to activate this glitch and it has fewer uses. The glitch can be deactivated with putting the sword away, using items, slashing with the sword or swimming.

Bottle Duplication

Inventory with duplicated bottles
  • Effect: Turn items into bottles.
  • Prerequisites: Item you can convert into a bottle, a bottle that contains something
  • How to: Backflip with the bottle in Link's hand, press the bottle button and then press the item you want to duplicate the bottle over. If successful, the item's icon changes into a bottle.
  • Notes: If you save, you will lose that particular item for that game file without a way to get it back.

Sequence Breaking

Escape Kokiri Forest Early

  • Effect: Leave Kokiri Forest before completing the first dungeon.
  • How To:

Walking While Talking Method

  • Prerequisites: A Deku Nut
  • How to: Crawl into the hole that leads to the maze containing the Kokiri Sword. Crawl out once you have entered and perform Walking while Talking with the sign. Now navigate to the entrance that is guarded by the Kokiri. Link will simply go through the entrance due to camera being frozen on the spot and the Saria cutscene will begin.
  • Notes: Navigating might be difficult at first since Link will move in a circular motion due to the L-target-like effect reading the sign has. If lost, simply go through all the text and the camera will re-focus on Link.
The position for Navi Dive

Navi Dive Method

Link escaping the Kokiri Forest
  • Prerequisites: A sword, Navi being active
  • How to: Go to the Lost Woods and find the pond that leads to Zora's River. Stand next to the grey stone and when Navi-icon starts blinking, slash the sword three times and talk to Navi. Link will fall to the bottom of the pond. Exhaust the dialogue box and swim to the teleport.

Triple Slash Clip Method

  • Prerequisites: A sword
  • How to: Break the sign near the exit that is guarded by a Kokiri. Align Link so that he looks away from the wall, turn left and perform a Triple Slash Clip. If successful, Link will clip through the guard. The guard will now attempt to block Link from leaving, but aiming to the right and rolling gets Link out of the forest.
  • Notes: This glitch is not possible to perform if Link already knows Zelda's Lullaby. If the player is not fast enough with exiting the forest, it is possible for the Kokiri guard to circle around Link. In this case the guard can be made to fall through the map by walking him to the left slowly, so that he clips through the wall. Exiting the forest or going into any of the houses resets him.

Adult Link inside the Great Deku Tree

Adult Link going into the Great Deku Tree
  • Effect: Enter the Great Deku Tree as an adult.
  • Prerequisites: Bombs, Hover Boots, Longshot might be helpful if the player is not sure of the route
  • How to: Go on top of Saria's house and turn Link so that he is looking towards the Twins' House. Do a Hover Boost from Saria's roof to the Twins' roof. Then hover and roll to the cliff with collision. Walk alongside it to the corridor you would normally go through to get to the Great Deku Tree. Walk along the edge and when you start seeing the Great Deku Tree drop into the corridor. The Deku Tree should be missing some textures, just run towards the tree and Link should be able to enter it.
  • Notes: It is possible to beat the Great Deku Tree as an adult due to Link being able to grab ledges that were too high as a child. To leave the Great Deku Tree, simply exit through the entrance.

Bottom of the Well Early

Link using a Cucco to fly into the Bottom of the Well
  • How To: Grab the Cucco near Anju and drop it in the small corridor next to the windmill that leads to the Kakariko graveyard. Go to the tight corner on the right-hand side and turn the camera angle so that it is targeting the wooden box slightly. Now Triple Slash Clip and, if successful, you are now inside the wall. Try to grab the Cucco without walking out of the wall (it will be there if dropped at the correct position), align yourself towards the entrance to the Bottom of the Well, backwalk with L so Link falls off the edge of the map and press forward.
  • Notes: It is also possible to get into the Bottom of the Well early using Navi Dive. This can only be done in the night, though, as the giant rock blocking the entrance is not loaded then.

Skip the Gerudo's Training Ground

  • Effect: Link is able to get straight to the central cell where the Ice Arrows are, without having to complete any of the trials, or collect any of the Keys.
  • Prerequisites: Hookshot obtained, access to the Training Ground
  • How to: Go to the middle room from the entrance. The cell straight in front of Link is the one with the chest containing the Ice Arrows. Turn sideways to the left and hold the Hookshot button. Now hold right and tap L a few times and let go of it. Link's arm should now pass through the fence. Now, simply grapple onto the inside wall, and Link will pass through into it, being able to open the chest.

Enter Jabu-Jabu's Belly as an Adult

Zora Fountain Hidden Loading Zone Method

Adult Link inside Jabu-Jabu's Belly
  • Effect: Enter Jabu-Jabu's Belly as an adult.
  • Prerequisites: Access to Zora's Fountain as an adult
  • How To: Walk along the very left edge of the ice that replaces Lord Jabu-Jabu as an adult, without falling into the water. If done correctly you will walk into Jabu-Jabu's Belly.
  • Notes: This glitch is a lot easier to perform while wearing the Hover Boots.

Death Hole Wrong Warp Method

  • Prerequisites: Bombs, Farore's Wind, be Adult Link.
  • How To: Use the Restricted Items glitch to set Farore's Wind inside the house in Kakariko where Talon sleeps. Perform a Death Hole Wrong Warp with Bombs and Farore's Wind on the X and Y buttons to appear in a partially loaded room inside Jabu Jabu. Kill Link with bombs then save and quit. When the file is started up again, Adult Link will be inside a fully loaded Jabu Jabu's Belly.

It is not possible to beat Barinade as an adult, however, so Link is not able to complete the dungeon only as an adult.

Shadow Temple Early

  • Effect: Get to the Shadow Temple before beating other temples.
  • Prerequisites: Depends on the method used
  • How To:

Doom Jump Method

Link walking towards the Shadow Temple entrance
  • Prerequisites: Hookshot/Longshot, Iron Boots or Hover Boots
  • How to: Perform a Doom Jump on DampĂ©'s hut, press R to free the camera and press the Circle Pad back in order to get on the cliff. Walk on the collision to where the Shadow Temple is located.
  • Notes: This is a quick way to skip having to go through Forest, Fire or Water Temple. However, to perform this glitch you do need to have either the Iron or Hover Boots, meaning that it is needed to visit the Ice Cavern or the Shadow Temple in the first place.

Death Hole Wrong Warp Method

Child Link in Shadow Temple
  • Prerequisites: Farore's Wind, Bombs
  • How to: Set a Farore's Wind warp-point in Castle Town, then perform Death Hole Wrong Warp. This should take Link back to Castle Town. Exit the town through the entrance and Link will now be in the Shadow Temple.

Miscellaneous Glitches

Young Link With Broken Giant's Knife

Young Link with the Broken Giant's Knife
  • Effect: Young Link will start the game with a Broken Giant's Knife.
  • Prerequisites: Another game file with Epona and the Biggoron Sword
  • How To: Equip the Biggoron Sword then get on Epona. Go to Hyrule Field then save on Epona. When you start a new file Link will have the Broken Giant's Knife in his hands.
  • Notes: Although the Broken Giant's Knife looks like an upside down Master Sword, it actually is not the Master Sword. This happens because Young Link does not have animations for using the Broken Giant's Knife, so it looks glitched. This can be seen by using the Sword itself, as the length and damage dealt is the same as the Broken Giant's Knife.

Young Link With the Master Sword

  • Effect: Young Link will start the game with the Master Sword.
  • Prerequisites: Another game file with Epona and the Master Sword
  • How To: Equip the Master Sword then get on Epona. Go to Hyrule Field then save on Epona. When you start a new file link will have the Master Sword in his hands.
  • Notes: Despite the Master Sword looking like the Kokiri Sword, it is really the Master Sword because of its damage and attack range.

Swordless Link 1

  • Prerequisites: Farore's Wind, knowledge of Farore's Wind Anywhere glitch, and access to the final battle with Ganon.
  • How To: Set a warp point anywhere (doesn't matter if it is a dungeon or not) and get to the final battle to Ganon, where at that point Link would have his sword knocked away. You must then do the Use Farore's Wind Anywhere glitch to warp out of the battle, only to find out that Link doesn't have a sword anymore.
  • Notes: To get the Master Sword back, you can quit the game, or transform back into a child and vice versa. However, even if you save and quit, Link will still get it back. Oddly enough, when Link is swordless, the B-button on the bottom screen still shows a Master Sword. Finally, if you equip the Biggoron's Sword/Giant's Knife, Link can't become swordless again.

Swordless Link 2

  • Prerequisites: Knowledge of the Young Link With the Master Sword glitch.
  • How To: Perform the Young Link With the Master Sword glitch. Afterward, perform the Escape the Kokiri Forest Early glitch. Continue with the game. However, when you get to the Club Moblin, your sword will suddenly be unusable. This glitch can only be solved by doing the following:

1. Get the Megaton Hammer. 2. Finish the Forest Temple. (Use an Empty Bottle for the Phantom Ganon battle) 3. Use the Pedestal of Time to return to the past. 4. Find the Kokiri Sword.

Use Items on Epona

  • Prerequisites: Swordless Link activated, any item (Hookshot, Bow, etc.), access to Epona
  • How To: Do the Swordless Link glitch explained above. Once you get on Epona, you can use any item while on her.

Ganon's Castle Glitch World

  • Effect: Link hovers in a black, empty space with a room underneath him.
  • Prerequisities: Must be at the top level during the escape section of the castle
  • How To: Jump off the edge at Link's left when facing Princess Zelda. When you jump off the edge, you should be hanging off the edge. You should then let go of the edge. When you fall, you should be in a black, empty space with the floor below.
  • Notes: To get out of this glitch, one must just wait for the time to run out. This glitch is very difficult to obtain, and usually encountered only by chance.

Endless Heart Pieces from Dampé

Result of acquiring 23 total Heart Containers, seen in the top left
  • Effect: Receive unlimited Pieces of Heart from the Heart-Pounding Gravedigging Tour.
  • Prerequisites: Rupees
  • How To: Due to an apparent programming oversight, the player can receive unlimited Pieces of Heart from DampĂ©'s Heart-Pounding Gravedigging Tour. Regardless of if the player acquired it previously, the game will always eventually yield a Piece of Heart as long as the player has patience and enough Rupees.
  • Notes: Upon exceeding the usual limit of 20 Heart Containers, they will begin to display in the top-left corner of the bottom screen. Heart #21 will display as a translucent gray circle, Heart #22 a stone-gray circle over that, and Heart #23 a yellow capital letter B. Hearts beyond this will still work, but will not display.

Master Shield

Link with two Hylian Shields
  • Effect: Master Sword becomes a Deku Stick disguised as the Hylian Shield.
  • Prerequisites: Steal the Fishing Rod glitch, Deku Stick, Hylian Shield, Epona, and the Biggoron Sword
  • How To: Once you have stolen the Fishing Rod you can exit the Fishing Pond, jump into the water in order to gray out the B button. Then return to the pond, exit, and now you have a Deku Stick on B. However, because Link cannot wield a Deku Stick as an adult, it looks like he is wielding another Hylian Shield instead.
  • Notes: If you don't have the Biggoron Sword, you can just return to Young Link and then become Adult Link again to get the Master Sword back.

Club Moblin Softlock

  • Effect: Causes the game to get stuck during the Club Moblin cutscene.
  • Prerequisites: Must not have triggered the Club Moblin cutscene and must have at least one Bombchu
  • How to: When approaching the Club Moblin for the first time, launch a Bombchu towards it, then trigger the Club Moblin's cutscene. If done correctly, the Bombchu will hit the Club Moblin during the cutscene, causing him to resume waiting for Link instead of completing the cutscene. Link will be stuck in the cutscene and unable to move, requiring you to reset the game after performing the glitch.

Glitch Images That Need Explanation