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Glitches in Breath of the Wild

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These are the glitches which are possible to perform in Breath of the Wild. Please read the Glitch Disclaimer Notes before attempting any of the glitches on this page.


Whistle Sprinting

Link Whistle Sprinting
  • Effect: Sprint without losing Stamina.
  • How To: Normally when sprinting, Link gradually loses stamina. If the Whistle button is held down and the player taps the B Button continuously, Link can sprint at near top speed without losing Stamina.
  • Notes:
    • Ideally, the player should alternate between normal sprinting and whistle sprinting for on-foot traversal, since normal sprinting is still slightly faster.
    • Even when no audible sound is being made, the game treats this as constantly whistling; because of this, whistle sprinting attracts enemies' attention.
    • Link can't Whistle while gliding or swimming, so this glitch is only useful when traversing long distances on foot.
    • A similar glitch — "Throw Sprint" — can be performed by simultaneously pressing B and R repeatedly with a weapon equipped. This has the advantage of not making noise and being usable in stealthier situations, but it is also more awkward to perform and gives less consistent speed.

Fast Travel Softlock

  • Effect: Softlock the game using the Fast Travel system.
  • Prerequisites: Must possess a Horse as well as have access to an ancient shrine saved as a travel point on the map.
  • How To: Travel on your Horse to an ancient shrine and once there position it on the travel point in front of the shrine entrance. Then, travel to the same shrine as the one the Horse is positioned on. If done correctly, Link will show up at the travel point but will be placed on the Horse at an incorrect angle, rendering the game being unable to do anything.
  • Notes: To get out of this glitched state you'll have to reset the game, so make sure to save before trying this.

Clip Into Walls Using A Horse

  • Effect: Clip into walls with the use of your Horse.
  • Prerequisites: Must possess a Horse.
  • How To: Back your Horse up to any wall in the game, and once this is done, jump off of it, save your game, and reload it. You should spawn inside the wall behind the Horse.
  • Notes: If you're trying this glitch in a place like Hyrule Castle which allows exploration of the ground beneath it, it's recommended you save beforehand as otherwise you may have to backtrack to find and get back your Horse. Otherwise, stick to areas with at least a travel point (ancient shrines, Sheikah Towers, etc) nearby.

Horse Clip

A Horse clipping through the ground
  • Effect: Clips Horse through the ground.
  • How To: If the player tries to climb a steep cliff or wall with a Horse, it will start to fall. If the player quickly turns around as the Horse is falling, but still on the cliff, the Horse will begin to slide downward slanted, seemingly leaning against the air. The Horse will continue to slide until the lower half of it moves through the ground.
  • Notes: Once Link reaches ground point, he will jump off automatically and the Horse will return to normal. Jumping off at any point will end the glitch sooner.

Missing Chief Softlock

  • Effect: Makes Riju disappear from a cutscene, softlocking the game.
  • Prerequisites: Must have access to Gerudo Town but haven't met Riju yet.
  • How To: Unfortunately, we are uncertain about the way this happened. Repeatedly switching the game view from TV Screen to Wii U gamepad during the cutscene with voice acting seems to be the cause. Further instructions will be available soon.
  • Notes: This WILL softlock the game, requiring you to power down the console or close the game from the home screen. Only found on Wii U, not yet tested on Switch.

Endless Magnesis

  • Effect: Magnesis will continually attempt to attach to a metal object but can't so will get stuck resulting in an endless Magnesis cycle.
  • Prerequisites: Recommended (but not necessarily required) to have amiibo to spawn metal blocks in the game.
  • How To: Spawn or go to any metal block anywhere in the game and stand as far as attach distance will go. At the same time you activate Magnesis, rotate the camera so it faces Link. Magnesis will now be stuck in an endless cycle of attempting to attach to the block but failing each time meaning Link can now walk around carrying an endlessly activated Magnesis rune in his hands.
  • Notes: If you turn the camera back behind Link or he is hit by an enemy, Endless Magnesis will be cancelled. It may also be cancelled if you wait long enough.

Dark Beast Ganon Out of Bounds

  • Effect: Allows Link to explore Hyrule outside of the Dark Beast Ganon fight. Also allows Link to use the Bow of Light where he normally isn't supposed to.
  • Prerequisites: Must have defeated Calamity Ganon.
  • How To: Ride your horse up to the light border which normally is supposed to prevent Link from leaving the fight. Line your horse up so it's walking along the border, and dismount it. If Link dismounts on the correct side, he'll clip outside of the border allowing him to explore Hyrule at a time he normally isn't supposed to.
  • Notes: You can even use your horse outside of the border. However, during exploration certain NPCs may not exist (e.g. staff members at stables, etc). Note that if you save in this state, you may not be able to get back in bounds, potentially softlocking your game (although you could still move around out of bounds). You'll either be forced to reload from a previous save or start a new game.

Panic Blood Moon

  • Effect: The Blood Moon suddenly triggers at a random, unscheduled time.
  • How To: Sometimes when you're in the middle of playing, the Blood Moon will randomly trigger, even when the sun is up; this can also happen when it's past midnight.
  • Notes: This glitch is said to be the game's failsafe countermeasure for RAM leaks that can develop over long play sessions, even across instances of the game being in sleep mode. Closing the software or resetting the console will restore the game's RAM usage back to normal.

Out of Bounds Castle

  • Effect: Allows Link to explore the Hyrule Castle though the floors.
  • How To: After Destroying a Guardian Turret, stand where it previously was. Light a campfire where you stand and pass time until a Blood moon passes. The Turret should re-spawn on top of Link, where Link will then fall through the floor.
  • Notes: Once Link is out of bounds of the castle, it will be almost impossible to climb back into the castle until Link teleports.

Frozen Guardian Beam

Link with a Guardian Scout's beam on his leg
  • Effect: Causes a Guardian's beam to freeze on Link.
  • How To: Randomly when deflecting a small Guardian, such as a Guardian Scout's, beam, the beam will get stuck on Link.
  • Notes: The beam will continuously deal damage as long as it is in contact with Link. Jumping and having the beam deal damage while Link is in the air will cause the beam to fly off, ending the glitch.

Bullet-Time Bounce

Link about to bounce off a frozen Bokoblin while in 'Bullet time'
  • Effect: Launches Link extremely fast in any direction.
  • Prerequisites: A Shield, a Bow, an enemy, and an item to freeze said enemy (if the enemy is not a red variation).
  • How To: To perform this glitch, you will need an enemy. Go to a ledge or vantage point overlooking the enemy; if they are not a red variation, they must be frozen before attempting this glitch. Use Shield Surfing to jump off the ledge (i.e. Shield Jump) and pull out the Bow to slow time mid-descent. If your shield lands on the enemy during the slow-down, immediately stop slow-down by pressing Y, unequipping the bow, or pressing B twice. If performed correctly, Link will fly at a vastly accelerated speed; this can be combined with the Paraglider to cross impressive distances.
  • Notes:
    • This glitch is caused by an oversight in the physics of slow-down. Link's interactions with ragdolling enemies are not properly converted to be slowed down; however, the game will still attempt to reconvert these physics when returning to normal speed, causing said interaction to be up to 20 times more potent intended.
    • The direction of the bounce is dependent on the location of the enemy's body Link's shield lands on.
    • Putting away the shield after successfully performing the bounce will kill Link's forward speed; conversely, because Link is on his shield, the player can bring out and put away the Paraglider to preserve stamina without losing speed (they will, however, slightly lose height).
    • The sooner the player cancels the slow-down upon contact with the enemy, the more potent the bounce will be. For the most ideal results, cancel on the first frame of contact (this can be easily done by buffering with the Bow Selection menu).

Voice Acting Switch

  • Effect: After switching languages, the cutscene's subtitles will be in the right language, but the voice acting will be in the language in which the cutscene was first seen by the player.
  • How To: Play the game in one language until you find a re-watchable cutscene, then save. Go into the console menu and switch the language. Go back into the game and rewatch the cutscene.
  • Notes: Only been tested on Switch. Not sure whether new cutscenes will play in the correct language.

Daruk's Perfect Parry

Daruk's Perfect Parry
  • Effect: Daruk's Protection will be able to be used an infinite amount of times.
  • How To: As soon as you get hit, release ZL.
  • Notes: Can even prevent you from taking fall damage.

Bow Spinning

  • Effect: Let's you spin with the bow // Let's you use the Frost Blade's effect indefinitely.
  • How To: Equip a blade and hold Y. Then press ZR and B at the same time.
  • Notes: The blade still gets damaged and you'll have lower reach.

Mini Guardian Combo

  • Effect: Let's you hit the Mini Guardian 2+ times very fast.
  • How To: Hit the guardian and immediately press X and Y.
  • Notes: It has to be a shrine with shallow water. Only blades work.

Flying Ganon

  • Effect: Makes Calamity Ganon fly.
  • How To: Hit it's legs while Ganon is on the wall.

Fall Damage Cancel

  • Effect: Sets fall damage to 0.
  • How To: While in the air: Hold R to throw the weapon. As you release R, equip another one.

Scope Clipping

  • Effect: Clip through walls with your scope/camera rune.
  • How To: Position yourself next to a wall or a corner. Walk towards it while the camera faces the opposite direction. Now use your rune.
  • Notes: This does not work everywhere.

Horse Scope Clipping

  • Effect: Clip through walls using your horse.
  • How To: Position your horse next to a wall, then use your scope to rotate it by 90°, so that the back of the horse is in the wall. If needed, you can shield jump off from it.
  • Notes: If there is not enough room for the horse, it's easier.

Stasis Clipping

  • Effect: Clip through walls using objects.
  • How To: Position an object (Boxes are perfect for this) next to a wall, with a little gap between. Now stasis it and hit it a few times so that it'll launch towards the wall. Now stand between it and push towards the object.

Ollie Clipping

  • Effect: Clip through the ground.
  • How To: Shield jump and enter Bullet Time. 1 frame before you hit the ground: Start mashing X. Then, if you stay in Bullet Time, repeat a pattern of three or two X presses.
  • Notes: If you run out of stamina during the process, it can lead to Infinite Shield Surfing.

Cryo Clipping

  • Effect: Clip through Cryonis Pillars.
  • How To: Climb on the pillar while it grows.
  • Notes: As the pillar is completely solid, you can get pushed out.

Blood Moon Clipping

  • Effect: Clip through the ground using the Blood Moon cutscene.
  • How To: Position yourself on a spot where you killed a Guardian Stalker. After the cutscene, you'll get pushed through the ground.

Locked State

  • Effect: You won't be able to move or rotate, it can lead to other weird stuff.
  • How To: Jump from a hill with your bike - If it despawns as you touch the ground, it should've worked.

Spinning Head

  • Effect: Link will rotate his head until you crouch.
  • How To: Get a wooden shield with an arrow on it and open the map for the first time.
  • Notes: It must be the first arrow you have collected in this file.

Shield Clipping

Shield Clipping Tutorial
  • Effect: Clip through walls using a shield.
  • How To: Store a Skew by shield jumping on a slanted slope that faces away from the desired wall. Then shield flip and unequip the shield immediately.

Extended Shield Clipping (ESC)

  • Effect: Clip through walls using a shield (More wall options).
  • How To: Shield Clipping, but in the frame you snap back, pull out your shield by pressing ZL and A. Then unequip the shield immediately.
  • Notes: This even works on most solid walls.

Instant Shield Clipping

  • Effect: Clip through walls using a shield.
  • How To: ESC, but instead of storing a skew, shield jump off from a slanted surface, then unequip the shield. Then immediately shield surf and unequip the shield.
  • Notes: Is less consistent than ESC.

Skew Bounce

  • Effect: Bounce really high by shield jumping.
  • How To: Set a skew while in Bullet Time.
  • Notes: Make sure you rotate by 180° in the air so that you ragdoll and don't lose your skew.

Stasis Launch

Stasis Launch
  • Effect: Launch Link by using Stasis on an object.
  • How To: Stasis a box and hit it repeatedly. Either hold on or stand ontop of the object as it launches away.
  • Notes: This leads to Super Launching.

Super Launching

  • Effect: Launch Link by using Stasis on an object. Maintain the speed by using the Paraglider.
  • How To: Stasis Launch, but jump into the trajectory of the object as it gets launched.

Bullet Time Launch

  • Effect: Launch an object into Link to get height.
  • How To: Place an object (Bike or Raft) next to Link. Stand ontop of a Cryo Pillar and create one underneath the object. Jump and enter Bullet Time.
  • Notes: The timing is very important.

Bullet Time Storage

  • Effect: Walk in Bullet Time.
  • How To: Create to Cryo Pillars with a little gap between. Stand on the gap and jump. As you touch the ground, enter Bullet Time. Then repeatedly press R and B.

Flying Machine

Flying Machine
  • Effect: Fly using two objects and magnesis.
  • How To: Place two Minecarts ontop of each other and use magnesis on the lower one. You can get height and distance very quickly.
  • Notes: It also works with a Minecart and a Metal Crate.

Horse Sliding

Horse Sliding
  • Effect: Get momentum by dismounting your horse/bike.
  • How To: Get to a steep slope and place your vehicle parallel to it. Mount it by holding ZL and pressing X.
  • Notes: The distance and speed depends on the distance you've ridden, the direction depends on the direction the slope was facing.

Bomb Smuggling

  • Effect: Makes Link stuck in the Bomb Holding animation // Invisible Bomb.
  • How To: Stand next to a seal, press R and A very quickly.

Seal Sliding

  • Effect: Make Link rotate insanely fast.
  • How To: Use Bomb Smuggling and pull out your bow. Then dismount the seal and mount another one.

Stuck with a Seal

  • Effect: Get stuck until the seal wakes up.
  • How To: Stand next to a seal, (hold ZR with a shield,) press A and immediately use your bow.

Shield Sliding

  • Effect: Removes the turn radius of Shield Surfing.
  • How To: Stand next to a seal and press A and B very quickly.
  • Notes: This stays once you restart the game // Trying to mount a seal can crash the game.

Shield Hovering

  • Effect: Makes you shield surf in the air.
  • How To: Make Link rotate (By using a Horse or ESC). Position the horse on a slope next to a wall and hold ZL, press A and X. If Link touches the wall while he is tilted, he'll start surfing in the air.
  • Notes: Shield Slide requiered.

Faster Turning

  • Effect: Lets you turn significantly faster while Shield Surfing.
  • How To: Hold R while you are moving the Joy-Stick.

Horse Stamina Refresh

  • Effect: Refreshes the Horse's stamina.
  • How To: While on the horse: Hold ZL, A and ZR and press X.

Arrow Duplication

  • Effect: Farm arrows very quickly.
  • How To: Use a tripleshot bow to shoot into a lit torch in the Korok Forest.

Hold Smuggling

Hold Smuggling + Dead Link Inventory
  • Effect: Let's you hold an item everywhere.
  • How To: Drop a Fire Jelly and hit it with a sword. As you get damage, hold an item and teleport.

Stand on a Horse/Bike

  • Effect: Stand on a Horse/Bike.
  • How To: After you performed Hold Smuggling: Get a wooden shield with an arrow on it and mount the Horse/Bike.
  • Notes: It has to be the first arrow in this file.

Horse in Teba Cutscene

  • Effect: Stay at the Flight Range // Become very long // Instant Death // Softlock
  • How To: Talk to Teba while sitting on a horse.

Reset Runes

  • Effect: Let's you reset the recharge timer.
  • How To: Watch a memory.

Sword Smuggling

  • Effect: Hold a weapon until you use it. You can perform any action while holding it.
  • How To: Pull out your weapon, press B and immediately unequip your shield. Then throw a bomb.

Bow Smuggling

  • Effect: Hold a bow until you use it. You can perform any action while holding it.
  • How To: Either use the Sword Smuggling setup or stand in front of a bomb or a rock, then hold ZL and press ZR and A.

Free Compendium Pictures

Free Compendium Pictures
  • Effect: Let's you complete 1 page of the compendium for free.
  • How To: Before Symin gives you a picture: Go to a merchant in Hateno, select an item you have the most of and select sell all and cancel. Then get the pictures.

Weapon Durability Glitch

  • Effect: Let's you use weapons without breaking it.
  • How To: Press Y and switch the weapon 1 frame before the enemy gets hit.

Shield Durability Glitch

  • Effect: Use a shield without breaking it.
  • How To: Swap out your shield during a flip mid-air.

Burn Timer Reset

  • Effect: Let's you survive in the Death Mountain area.
  • How To: Once you start burning, start holding Y, then let go of it.

Guardian OoB

  • Effect: Makes sleeping guardians clip through the ground.
  • How To: Use Stasis + on a sleeping walking guardian.

Bomb during Revali's Gale

  • Effect: Hold a bomb while you rise up.
  • How To: Hold X, let go of X and immediately use your bomb.

Camera View Glitch

  • Effect: Walk around freely while being in the camera state.
  • How To: Hold R, ZR, ZL or press Y and press R and crouch.

Horse Factory

Horse Factory
  • Effect: Spawn horses yourself.
  • How To: Make a boko dismount the horse (Don't kill it!) and go away. The boko will despawn, the horse will stay.
  • Notes: If there are ≈200 or 250 horses on the screen, it can cause a panic blood moon which results in a crash.

Healing on a Horse

  • Effect: Transfers the Hot Spring Water effects to your horse until you dismount.
  • How To: Place your horse on a warp point, then go into spring water -> Teleport to the horse.

Get Damage on a Horse

  • Effect: Makes you die very quickly.
  • How To: Place your horse on a warp point, then go into icy water -> Teleport to the horse.
  • Notes: The cooldown won't exist anymore, so you pretty much die instantly.

Infinite Guardian Parts

Infinite Guardian Parts
  • Effect: The guardian will spawn an unlimited amount of guardian parts. // Lags the game very hard.
  • How To: Move one of those four guardians two quadrants away from their spawn point.[1]

Infinite Treasure Chests

  • Effect: Lets you open your chest repeatedly.
  • How To: Move an iron chest two quadrants away from it's spawn point, open it and reload. The chest will be still there.

Horse Weapon Duping

  • Effect: Lets you dupe weapons/bows/shields from thin air.
  • How To: Weapon Duping


  • Effect: Causes five glitches: Stuck in place, Stuck in running animation, Moonwalk, Slide, Hover
  • How To: Pull out your bow and press B -> Immediately unequip your shield during the unequipping animation.

B-Lock: Stuck in Place

  • Effect: Makes you be stuck in place, but you can still rotate in the standing animation.
  • How To: After performing B-Lock: Jump while holding B and don't let go of B.

B-Lock: Stuck in Running Animation

  • Effect: Makes you be stuck in the running animation // You can't move at all
  • How To: After performing B-Lock: Jump while holding B and moving and don't let go of B.

B-Lock: Moonwalk

  • Effect: Lets you moonwalk.
  • How To: After performing B-Lock: Walk into any direction while holding ZL, hold B (Don't let go of it), let go of ZL.

B-Lock: Slide

  • Effect: Replaces the running animation with the standing animation.
  • How To: After performing B-Lock: Hold ZL, jump and start holding B mid-air. Then don't stop moving or holding B.

B-Lock: Hover

  • Effect: Makes you stuck mid-air.
  • How To: After performing B-Lock: Climb a small step while holding B. Letting go of B fixes it.

Ragdolling Bokoblin

  • Effect: Makes a bokoblin stuck in the ragdolling animation.
  • How To: Let a moblin throw a bokoblin, then freeze/electrocute it once it touches the ground.

Glitched Shop Items

  • Effect: Lets the shop display glitched items.
  • How To: Stand in front of the item, place a bomb. Pick it up and pause buffer. If you pause, there'll be one frame that displays the incorrect number of rupees, melee damage etc.

Flying Rope

  • Effect: Places a seal rope mid-air.
  • How To: Stand next to a seal -> Press A and B a few frames later.
  • Notes: The next time you're trying to mount a seal, it won't work.

Invisible Link

  • Effect: Make Link hold an invisible rock which turns him invisible.
  • How To: Pick up an item as it falls from a ledge. Then turn the camera away from the point where you dropped it.
  • Notes: Walking away will fix the glitch.

Goddess Glitch

  • Effect: Spawns particles indefinitely which lags the game.
  • How To: If you have full hearts and stamina (To do this: [Apparatus Glitch: Heart Duping], talk to the goddess in the Temple of Time repeatedly.

Hyrule Overloading

Hyrule Overloading
  • Effect: Overloads the game which leads to weapon duping and other weird stuff.
  • How To: Escape the Dark Beast Ganon fight by using Stasis Clipping or Shield Clipping, then enter Hyrule Castle and leave it repeatedly. Do this 180 times and Ganon should despawn, and the inventory should show a glitched Link.

Lizalfos Curse

Lizalfos Curse (11:11)
  • Effect: Makes NPCs, enemys and Link rotate forever and crashes the game sometimes.
  • How To: Push the three Lizalfos from the rock.
  • Notes: This is Switch exclusive

Flying Guardian Boat

Flying Guardian Boat (11:00)
  • Effect: Makes a flying raft.
  • How To: Place a guardian ontop of the raft. Then, if needed, place a cryonis block underneath.

Sanctum Zip

  • Effect: Warps you back to the Ganon fight, but immediately pushes you out again.
  • How To: Escape the Calamity Ganon fight and fall down to the ground while holding a bomb or an item.

Delete Koroks

  • Effect: Avoids spawning Rock Koroks until you reload the game or warp.
  • How To: Explode a bomb at the same time you lift the rock. Then stasis launch it away. It won't spawn the Korok anymore.

Floating Campfire

  • Effect: Makes the campfire float until you exit the dialogue box.
  • How To: Place a campfire next to a tower's pedestal and use it.

90s Loading Screen

  • Effect: Makes reloading take much longer.
  • How To: Reload while you have 1 bomb on screen and are in Bullet Time.

Mess with Dye Cutscene

  • Effect: Makes Link T-Pose and other funny stuff.
  • How To: Place a box where Link gets dyed // Use your ancient saddle inside the building and dye your clothes while you sit on a horse.

Malice Glitch

  • Effect: Damages the horse once you look at it or walk near it.
  • How To: Jump off the horse once it touches the malice.

Kilton Overload

  • Effect: Drastically lags the game.
  • How To: Place objects where Kilton spawns and wait at a campfire.

Korok Softlock

  • Effect: Softlocks the game.
  • How To: Watch a memory in the exact frame a Korok Puzzle is solved.

Apparatus Glitch

Apparatus Glitch + Every side effect
  • Effect: Lets you control the Apparatus and Link // Makes Link invincible // He can't run out of stamina // Leads to Heart Duping, Early Master Sword, Void out everywhere (+ Sheikah Slate Skip), Climate Immunity, Transfer Potion Effects, Death Mountain Effect everywhere
  • How To: Use the 'Camera Glitch' in a shrine with an apparatus, then examine the apparatus and immediately hold an item, unpause, pause and watch a memory.
  • Notes: This glitch stops once you open a menu.

Apparatus Glitch: Heart Duping

  • Effect: Lets you dupe hearts and stamina (At least four hearts requiered).
  • How To: Save inside the shrine, exit it, [sell all your hearts, make the game auto-save, reload the shrine save, do the Apparatus Glitch and reload the save where you have sold all your hearts. Then sell your hearts again] <- Repeat this until you have max hearts and stamina, save, reload and buy them back.

Apparatus Glitch: Early Master Sword

  • Effect: Lets you dupe hearts and stamina (At least four hearts requiered).
  • How To: Save on a horse next to the Master Sword, perform the Apparatus Glitch, then reload and warp to another place. Now collect the Master Sword.
  • Notes: As long as you don't have collected it normally, you won't get an extra slot. You can still pull it, though. Once you pull the invisible Master Sword, everything is fixed.

Apparatus Glitch: Void Out Everywhere

  • Effect: Makes you void out as soon as you load a save file and places you underneath Hyrule Field.
  • How To: Perform the apparatus glitch, void out and reload.

Apparatus Glitch: Climate Immunity

  • Effect: Makes you immune to fire, ice, hot and cold temperature (+ Broken Paraglider)
  • How To: Perform the Apparatus Glitch twice in a row very quickly (Reload before the camera fully zooms out).
  • Notes: This ends after restarting the game.

Apparatus Glitch: Death Mountain Everywhere

  • Effect: Sets your equipment on fire, Bomb Arrows are not a good idea
  • How To: Perform Climate Immunity and walk into lava.
  • Notes: Walking into water fixes the glitch, leaving you with Climate Immunity.

Apparatus Glitch: Transfer Potion Effects

  • Effect: Lets you transfer potion effects from one save file to another.
  • How To: Perform the Apparatus Glitch and load a save file.