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Glendo is a character in Breath of the Wild.[citation needed]


Glendo is a Hylian traveler who makes a daily pilgrimage on horseback from the Outskirt Stable to the Sanidin Park Ruins. He bears a Traveler's Sword and a Fisherman's Shield. He thinks of himself as a cautious man, and avoids traveling at Night. He even goes so far to warn Link of the Nighttime Monsters.[1] When Glendo returns to the Outskirt Stable, he may dismount his Horse and wait underneath a Tree behind the Stable. There, he will inform Link about his daily visit to the Ruins.[2][3][4]

Depending on where he is spoken to on his daily ride, he will offer various kinds of advice and insight to Link. If he is spoken to while leaving the Outskirt Stable, he will inform Link that the terrain along his path is hilly, so travel by Horse is recommended. He also informs Link that he can Whistle to call his Horse.[5] Any time that he is traveling along the road between the Outskirt Stable and the Manhala Bridge, he will take a brief detour off of the road near a broken wagon to gaze at Hyrule Castle, remarking how the sight of it fills him with dread.[6] He also mentions an abandoned rest area along the high road which travelers once frequented.[7][8] While traveling from the broken wagon to the Sanidin Park Ruins, he will talk about the rumors he has heard about Shooting Stars,[9] and how one can find an item of value where they land.[10] Atop Safula Hill, Glendo will state that he is cautious and avoids traveling at night as to not encounter Nighttime Monsters.[1]

When Glendo reaches the Ruins, he will stop and stay on his Horse while looking out towards Hyrule Castle. If Link talks to him at the Ruins, Glendo will mention feeling uneasy when looking at the Castle but is unable to explain why.[11][12] On his return trip from the Sanidin Park Ruins, Glendo will inform Link about the fabled Lord of the Mountain and speculates on the form that the spirit takes.[13][14] Once he reaches the Manhala Bridge again, he will warn Link that monsters appear at night.[15][16] Between the broken wagon and the Stable, Glendo will clarify the threat of Nighttime Monsters, mentioning Keese and Stal creatures.[17][18]

If it begins to Rain while he is resting at the Outskirt Stable, he will comment on how nice it is, but state that he does not wish to ride through it.[19] If it Rains while his is on the road, he will take shelter and wait it out.[20] Glendo will also make various comments under certain conditions. In the morning, he will comment on the morning's beauty.[21] During the daytime, he will state his unease, claiming that something feels "off" to him.[22] At night, he will consider taking a nap.[23] If it begins to Rain, he will state that he expected the unfortunate Weather.[24]

If Glendo is attacked by monsters, he will panic and flee the area.[25][26] If he is knocked unconscious by a monster, he will remain unconscious until the threat has passed. Afterwards, he will question where the monster that knocked him out went.[27] He will also complain about how much of a hindrance monsters prove to be for him.[28] If Glendo is saved by Link, he will stop trying to escape and return to his previous task.[29] If Link speaks to him after saving him, he will thank Link for his help and offer to repay him with Food.[36] Though none appear along the path that he travels, if a Guardian approaches Glendo, he will frantically warn Link to distance himself from it.[37]


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