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Giant Brothers

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Giant Brothers
BotW Hinox Model 2.jpg
Link fighting the Youngest Kin
Habitat(s)Mount Taran
SpoilsHinox Tooth
Hinox Toenail
Hinox Guts

The Giant Brothers are a trio of Hinox brothers in Breath of the Wild.[name reference missing] They consist of a red hinox (the youngest kin), a blue hinox (the middle kin) and a black hinox (the oldest kin).


They can be found on and around Mount Taran in East Necluda, northwest of Lurelin Village. Each has an Ancient Orb on their necklace, and are involved in the Three Giant Brothers Shrine Quest, which unlocks the Tawa Jinn Shrine. They are likely a reference to the Hinox Brothers from Tri Force Heroes, as both have three members, a youngest, middle, and eldest. Fighting them is optional, as the Stealth Set, Phantom Ganon Set and Sneaky dishes and Elixirs allow Link to steal the orbs without waking them up. In Master Mode, they remain the same colour, like the Lynel of Ploymus Mountain. The age and therefore rank of each determines how naturally defended he is: the Youngest has no defences, the Middle has Courser Bees which chase Link and the Oldest has Blue Bokoblins (Black in master Mode).