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Ghost Ship (The Wind Waker)

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Ghost Ship
Ghost Ship TWW.png
Location(s) Great Sea
Game(s) The Wind Waker
Main Item Triforce Chart (TWW)
Triforce Shard (TWWHD)

The Ghost Ship is a vessel that haunts the Great Sea in The Wind Waker.

Tingle's Comment


Ghost Ship (Wind Waker)

The Ghost Ship is here!

I bet there's treasure in it!


The Ghost Ship haunts several islands of the Great Sea during the night. It appears at different locations depending on the current state of the moon. The ship is doomed to sail the Great Sea until freed from its curse. Only the one holding the Ghost Ship Chart, hidden on Diamond Steppe Island,[1] can enter the ship. According to Lenzo, the sailor who made the Ghost Ship Chart was following the vessel across all of its destinations, drawing a map of its movements. When the map was done, he suddenly died.[2]

In order to free the ship from its course, Link must defeat a Wizzrobe and two Poes within. However, the Wizzrobe is able to summon ReDeads and Stalfos into the battle. After defeating all the enemies, Link will be able to climb up a ladder leading to a Treasure Chest which contains a Triforce Chart or a Triforce Shard in The Wind Waker HD.

After Link collects the Triforce Chart or Shard hidden within, the Ghost Ship will stop roaming the sea and disappear entirely.


Minor Enemies and Traps


  • The scream that is heard when obtaining the Triforce Chart is actually a sped-up version of an unused audio clip of Jabun screaming.[9]
  • In the small room containing the Treasure Chest, there is an engraved face on the wall that seems to have a wide, eerie grin from afar. However, when Link approaches it, the face quickly changes to that of an expressionless, normal face. This was removed in The Wind Waker HD.
  • In The Wind Waker HD, the interior floor of the Ghost Ship now bears a ghastly haze.
  • A slightly edited version of the Ghost Ship's sky background appears in the Ghostly Galaxy, Bonefin Galaxy and Boo's Boneyard Galaxy from Super Mario Galaxy.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
French-speaking countries French Vaisseau Fantôme Ghost Ship
Federal Republic of Germany German Geisterschiff Spirit Ship
Italian Republic Italian Nave Fantasma Ghost Ship
Spanish-speaking countries Spanish Barco Fantasma Ghost Ship



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