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Gerudo Town

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Gerudo Town
BotW Gerudo Town.png
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Gerudo Town is a location in Breath of the Wild.

Features and Overview

Gerudo Town is the main town of Gerudo Desert and the Gerudo people. Only women are allowed to enter the Town.[1] If Link tries to enter Gerudo Town, the guards will not let him.[2] Link must complete the "Forbidden City Entry" Main Quest before he can get inside the Town. This Quest allows Link to enter Gerudo Town by appearing female and disguising himself in a Gerudo outfit. Once inside, Link can meet with Lady Riju, chief of the Gerudo, in the palace to begin the "Divine Beast Vah Naboris" Main Quest.[3] Gerudo Town also contains several Shrine Quests and Side Quests, including "The Silent Swordswomen", "The Seven Heroines", "Medicinal Molduga", "The Mystery Polluter", "Tools of the Trade", "The Search for Barta" and "The Secret Club's Secret." Link can receive the legendary Thunder Helm from Riju by completing "The Thunder Helm" Side Quest. The town also houses a Goddess Statue and a Korok at the very top of the rock above the palace. An Inn called Hotel Oasis resides in the town. Gerudo Town has many shops, including four General Stores, two Sand-Seal Rental Shops, The Noble Canteen, the Arrow Specialty Shop, Fashion Passion, Starlight Memories and the Gerudo Secret Club. At certain times, there is a class being taught by Ashai. Traysi can be found in various places throughout the town. There are two Treasure Chests in Gerudo Town. One can be found near Fashion Passion and contains a Silver Rupee. The other Chest is buried under the ground near near the Goddess Statue and contains a Golden Bow. The Daqo Chisay Shrine resides right outside the town walls. Link is not harmed by Temperature while in the town. Link can wear Sand Boots or Snow Boots instead of the Gerudo Sirwal in Gerudo Town. He can also wear the Thunder Helm instead of the Gerudo Veil. The Gerudo soldiers will throw Link out if he removes any piece of his Gerudo outfit, Thunder Helm, Sand Boots or Snow Boots.

In the palace, Riju's throne and the stone tablets to the left and right of it have Gerudo words inscribed on them. When translated, the throne reads "A resilient desert flower, facing the sun's gaze, Gerudo grows brilliant, while others". The tablet to the left reads "We stand vigilant, in the desert sun we are brilliant, over everyone" and the tablet to the rights reads "Vigilant in the sun growing brilliant Gerudo never outdone". In addition, the pedestal that the Thunder Helm rests on has Gerudo text on it as well, which reads "Brilliant in the sun".




Hotel Oasis

Main article: Hotel Oasis

Hotel Oasis is an Inn managed by Romah. Romah offers an 80 Rupee spa plan that will give Link a temporary full Stamina wheel and three temporary hearts.

The Noble Canteen

Main article: The Noble Canteen

The Noble Canteen is a bar managed by Furosa. Furosa serves Noble Pursuit, a drink needed to complete "The Perfect Drink" Side Quest. After the quest 'Divine Beast Vah Naboris (Quest)' is complete, there are seven fulltime residents. Deltan can be found hunched over a table, sobbing. Pokki is found chatting to Furosa, and Konora is on a seat parallel to the one Sumati and Yaido are sat on. Pyra, Sumati and Yaido can also be found inside here, talking about a password.[4] They stop talking about it as soon as they notice that Link is listening.[5] After Link accesses the Gerudo Secret Club, they instead talk about Perda's search for Lover's Pond. At night it is more lively, as is mentioned by Pearle; Pritana can be found there before going to Nali's house, intoxicated. Nellie gets up in the evening and goes to get a drink to "wake her up", and the Hylian Jules is found stood against a wall, drinking from a large cup.

Arrow Specialty Shop

Main article: Arrow Specialty Shop

The Arrow Specialty Shop is a small Arrow shop managed by Danda.[6] Danda sells normal Arrows, Fire Arrows, Ice Arrows, Shock Arrows and Bomb Arrows.

Fashion Passion

Main article: Fashion Passion

Fashion Passion is an Armor Shop managed by Saula that sells Gerudo clothing. The Gerudo outfit is sold here at a total of 540 Rupees, which is 60 Rupees cheaper than what Vilia sold them to Link for.[7] The Gerudo outfit here is also white, as opposed to the undyed variation that Vilia sells to Link. Saula always comments on Link's Gerudo Top, as that is the only bit of clothing he always wears in Gerudo Town; the Gerudo Sirwal can be replaced with Snow or Sand Boots, and the Gerudo Veil can be replaced with the Thunder Helm, should Link have obtained that.

Starlight Memories

Main article: Starlight Memories

Starlight Memories is a Jewelry Shop managed by Isha. Customers must bring the necessary Materials to craft the accessory they want. Link cannot access the shop until he completes the "Tools of the Trade" Side Quest.

Sand-Seal Rental Shop

Main article: Sand-Seal Rental Shop

There are two Sand-Seal Rental Shops in Gerudo Town. The Southeast Booth is run by Frelly and the Northwest Booth is run by Frelly's Mother, Kohm.[8] It costs 20 Rupees to rent a Sand Seal or 50 Rupees if Link does not have a Shield. Sand Seals allow Link to travel the desert very quickly.

Lorn's General Store

Lorn's General Store is a small Fruit Shop in Gerudo Town managed by Lorn.

Wares and Pricing

Item Description Price
BotW Voltfruit Icon.png
Cacti found in the Gerudo Desert bear this sweet fruit. It's naturally insulated, so when cooked into a dish, it provides resistance against electricity. BotW Rupee Menu Icon.png 16 Rupees
BotW Hydromelon Icon.png
This resilient fruit can flourish even in the heat of the desert. The hydrating liquid inside provides a cooling effect that, when cooked, increases your heat resistance. BotW Rupee Menu Icon.png 16 Rupees
BotW Hearty Durian Icon.png
Hearty Durian
This fruit's mighty odor has earned it the nickname "king of fruits." It offers immense restorative powers; dishes cooked with it will temporarily increase your maximum hearts. BotW Rupee Menu Icon.png 60 Rupees

Estan's General Store

Estan's General Store is a butcher shop in Gerudo Town managed by Estan. According to Maike in Kara Kara Bazaar, Estan is her little sister.[9] The Rito Frita is always standing by the shop, wishing that they sold poultry.[10]

Wares and Pricing

Item Description Price
BotW Seared Steak Icon.png
Seared Steak
Raw meat cooked over an open flame. Cooking it has increased its flavor and the number of hearts it provides. BotW Rupee Menu Icon.png 30 Rupees
BotW Seared Prime Steak Icon.png
Seared Prime Steak
Raw prime meat cooked over an open flame. The outside is perfectly browned, while the inside is mouthwateringly juicy. BotW Rupee Menu Icon.png 58 Rupees
BotW Seared Gourmet Steak Icon.png
Seared Gourmet Steak
The highest quality raw gourmet meat, just kissed by an open flame. No additional seasonings have been added, which lets the natural flavor of the meat really shine. BotW Rupee Menu Icon.png 140 Rupees

Ardin's General Store

Ardin's General Store is a mushroom shop in Gerudo Town managed by Ardin. The Gerudo keep their skin beautiful with the mushrooms that she sells.[11] When Link buys her entire stock, she claims to be selling mushrooms that only the beautiful can see, which seems to trick Jules, but not so much Nellie. Should link speak to Nellie and say he can see them, she'll claim she's sure she would have been able to seen them when she was younger. If Link says he can't see them, Nellie will comment that if someone as pretty as Link can't see them, Ardin must be making up another lie, and says she makes up some weird ones.

Wares and Pricing

Item Description Price
BotW Ironshroom Icon.png
The cap of this mushroom is very hard. Use it when cooking to prepare a dish that increases your defense. BotW Rupee Menu Icon.png 20 Rupees
BotW Razorshroom Icon.png
This mushroom is known for the natural slice in its cap. Eating it fosters your competitive spirit. Use it when cooking to prepare a dish that will increase your strength. BotW Rupee Menu Icon.png 20 Rupees
BotW Sunshroom Icon.png
A bright red mushroom that grows in hot climates. Imbued with the power of heat, they can be used to cook dishes that will allow you endure the bitter cold. BotW Rupee Menu Icon.png 16 Rupees
BotW Zapshroom Icon.png
This mushroom grows wild in the Gerudo region. The cap is naturally insulated, so when used in cooking, it will offer protection against electricity. BotW Rupee Menu Icon.png 16 Rupees
BotW Chillshroom Icon.png
Often found at the base of pine trees in cold climates, these mushrooms are cool to the touch and can be used to cook dishes that allow you to stay cool even in arid regions. BotW Rupee Menu Icon.png 16 Rupees

Spera's General Store

Spera's General Store is a small shop in Gerudo Town managed by Spera. She sells a few cooking ingredients which are gathered by her husband.

Wares and Pricing

Item Description Price
BotW Rock Salt Icon.png
Rock Salt
Crystalized salt from the ancient sea commonly used to season meals. Cannot be eaten in this form. BotW Rupee Menu Icon.png 12 Rupees
BotW Tabantha Wheat Icon.png
Tabantha Wheat
This grain is cultivated extensively on the Tabantha Plains. It's ground finely with a millstone to be used in cooking. Use it to make things such as stews and breads. BotW Rupee Menu Icon.png 12 Rupees
BotW Hylian Rice Icon.png
Hylian Rice
This grain is a favorite among residents of Kakariko Village. It's grown in regions with a lot of water and is quite versatile. Used as an ingredient in things like risotto and rice balls. BotW Rupee Menu Icon.png 12 Rupees



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