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Gerudo Town
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Gerudo Town is a location in Breath of the Wild.[1]

Features and Overview

Gerudo Town is the main settlement of the Gerudo Desert and consequently the Gerudo people. Only women are allowed to enter the Town.[2] If Link tries to enter Gerudo Town, the guards will not let him.[3] Link must complete the "Forbidden City Entry" Main Quest before he can get inside the Town. This Quest allows Link to enter Gerudo Town by disguising himself as a woman while wearing the Gerudo Set. Once inside, Link can meet with Riju, chief of the Gerudo, in her palace to begin the Divine Beast Vah Naboris" Main Quest.[4] Gerudo Town also contains several Shrine Quests and Side Quests, including "The Silent Swordswomen", "The Seven Heroines", "Medicinal Molduga", "The Mystery Polluter", "Tools of the Trade", "The Search for Barta", and "The Secret Club's Secret". Link can receive the legendary Thunder Helm from Riju by completing the Side Quest "The Thunder Helm". At certain times, there is a class being taught by Ashai. Traysi can be found in various places throughout the Town.

Link is not harmed by Heat while inside Gerudo Town. The Daqo Chisay Shrine resides right outside Gerudo Town's walls. Gerudo Town also houses a Goddess Statue near the Southeast Gate. Link can wear Sand Boots or Snow Boots instead of the Gerudo Sirwal in Gerudo Town. He can also wear the Thunder Helm instead of the Gerudo Veil. The Gerudo soldiers will throw Link out if he removes any piece of his Gerudo outfit, Thunder Helm, Sand Boots or Snow Boots.

A Treasure Chest containing a Silver Rupee can be found near Fashion Passion. A second Treasure Chest containing a Golden Bow can be found buried in a pile of sand and debris near the Southeast Gate.

A Korok disguised as Leaves with Fairy Dust at the very top of the rock above the palace.




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Lorn's Fruit Stand

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Estan's General Store

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Spera's General Store

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Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

In Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, Gerudo Town serves as the map for Scenario, "Urbosa, the Gerudo Chief." The Gerudos and Link side with each other against the Yiga, which had invaded inside Gerudo Town.


  • In the palace, Riju's throne and the stone tablets to the left and right of it have Gerudo words inscribed on them. When deciphered, the throne reads, "A RESILIENT DESERT FLOWER, FACING THE SUN'S GAZE, GERUDO GROWS BRILLIANT, WHILE OTHERS". The tablet to the left reads, "WE STAND VIGILANT, IN THE DESERT SUN WE ARE BRILLIANT, OVER EVERYONE". The tablet to the right reads, "VIGILANT IN THE SUN GROWING BRILLIANT GERUDO NEVER OUTDONE". In addition, the pedestal that displays the Thunder Helm reads, "BRILLIANT IN THE SUN".



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