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Gemesaur King

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Gemasaur King
ALBW Gemesaur King.png
Dungeon(s)Dark Palace
Weakness(es)Sword, Bombs
Reward(s)Sage Gulley
Heart Container

The Gemesaur King is a boss in A Link Between Worlds, whose lair lies hidden at the bottom of the Dark Palace. He guards the portrait of the sage Gulley.


Unlike the Helmasaur King from A Link to the Past, who is a bulky ranged attacker, the Gemesaur King is an agile physical attacker. This can be noted due to the fact that he does not breathe fire like his Dark World counterpart, but rather charges at Link. The strategy to defeat Gemesaur King is to throw Bombs at his mask to damage it. If a Bomb explosion hits any of the crystals on its back, Rupees will be dropped.

Once the mask is broken, the Gemesaur King will attempt to confuse Link by turning the room pitch black. He will dash around the perimeter of the room and try to trample Link, who must use the Lantern or the Fire Rod to light the two torches in the bottom right and the top left corners. This will reveal the Gemesaur King, stopping his mad dashing and allowing Link to attack the jewel on his head with his Sword.


Gemasaur King is a portmanteau of gem and Helmasaur King.

TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ジュエルロック (Juerurokku) Jewel Rock
French-speaking countries French Roi Gemesaur King Gemesaur
Federal Republic of Germany German Maskenkönig Mask King


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