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Garini is a character in Breath of the Wild.[citation needed]


Garini is a resident of Lurelin Village who can be found examining the ruined monuments of the Palmorae Ruins. If Link attempts to speak to him, he will startle Garini, who apologizes asks him if he needs something.[1] If Link asks him what he's doing, he explains that he was investigating the stone monument at the center of the Ruins, having noticed that it bears writing upon it.[2] If Link offers to help with deciphering the text, Garini will inform him that the stone monument was once a complete discoid object. However, due to a recent earthquake, the monument fractured and its fragments were scattered.[3] He then asks Link to locate the Monument Shards and return with pictures of the text on each Shard's face.[4] To help with Link's search, Garini mentions that the text will glow at night and that one Shard should be near their location.[5][6][7] If Link returns with a picture of the Monument Shard, Garini will ask him to search for the second Shard that may have been washed away and pulled underwater.[8] If Link returns with a second photo, Garini will wonder if the waves from the Necluda Sea could be powerful enough to carry a Monument Shard further away, such as to Cape Cresia or Soka Point.[9]

If Link returns with pictures of all three Monument Shards, Garini will begin work to decipher their text.[10] He finds that the completed monument held directions for two people to "kneel in reverence," but cannot fathom what it means.[11] If Link crouches atop one of the two pedestals at the Palmorae Ruins, Garini will follow suit,[12] causing the Kah Yah Shrine to rise from the ground. In his excitement, Garini compliments Link's capacity for solving riddles before leaving him to allow him to explore the Ancient Shrine[13][14] Afterwards, Garini will continue to explore the Palmorae Ruins and, when spoken to, comment on how extraordinary Link is.[15][16]


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