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Gargoyle Statue

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A Link to the Past

Thieves' Town.png

The Gargoyle Statue is an object that appears in the Village of Outcasts in A Link to the Past. The Weathercock in Kakariko Village in the Light World is replaced by the Gargoyle Statue in the Dark World and it's also the entrance to the fourth dungeon, Thieves' Town. To open the entrance, Link has to pull the prongs of the trident which the statue is holding on to. It doesn't serve much purpose besides that.[1]

Oracle of Ages

The Imp statues that give you -50 points in the Shooting Gallery in Oracle of Ages bears some resemblance to a Gargoyle Statue.

Oracle of Ages (Himekawa)

Gargoyle OoA Manga.jpg

During Chapter 6, Overthrowing Veran, Veran brings several Gargoyle Statues to life when possessing Nayru. They possess the ability to fly and breathe fire, however, Link defeats them without much struggle.


  1. "Do you know about the Gargoyle statue in the village? People say they can hear a girl calling for help from under the statue. Isn't that a strange story..." — Inhabitant of Kakariko Village (A Link to the Past)