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Ganondorf's Steed

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Ganondorf's Steed
Rearing Ganondorf Horse.png
Ganondorf's Steed in Twilight Princess
Species Gerudo horse
Gender Male
Game(s) Ocarina of Time
Twilight Princess
Other Media Hyrule Warriors

Ganondorf's Steed is the red-eyed horse Ganondorf rides in both Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess.


Ocarina of Time

Ganondorf's Steed.png

The first appearance Ganondorf's Steed makes in Ocarina of Time is during Link's nightmare prior to Navi awakening him. The horse is a black Gerudo stallion with a fiery mane and tail that match the color of Ganondorf's hair.[1] Ganondorf rides this horse while pursuing Impa and Princess Zelda as they flee from Hyrule Castle after Link gathers the three Spiritual Stones.

The horse is equipped with warhorse armor, called barding, including a plate champron, to protect the horse's face, a full criniere, to protect the neck, a sturdy peytral, to protect the chest and shoulder region, and a red and gold cloth caparison.

Ganondorf's phantom in the Forest Temple rides an identical stallion.

Twilight Princess

Ganondorf's Steed in Twilight Princess has a much thicker build, muted color scheme, and new armor design, including a croupiere to protect the horse's hindquarters, a smaller peytral, and without a colorful caparison. The horse plays a larger role in this game as Ganondorf's mode of transport while engaged in a horseback battle with Link and Zelda.

Non-canon Appearances

Hyrule Warriors

In Hyrule Warriors, Ganondorf's Steed briefly appears in Ganondorf's intro. It is ridden into battle shortly before Ganondorf dismounts it.


  • In Majora's Mask 3D, a toy horse that resembles Ganondorf's Steed can be found on the upper floor of the ranch house at Romani Ranch.
  • In The Legend of Zelda Chess Set, Ganondorf's Steed is referred to as Phantom.[2]


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