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Ganon's Lair

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This article about the location in The Faces of Evil. For the similarly named area in The Legend of Zelda TV series, see Underworld. For Ganon's stronghold in the main series, see Ganon's Tower or Ganon's Castle.
Ganon's Lair
Ganon's Lair 01.png
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Ganon's Lair is a location in The Faces of Evil.[1] It is the game's final stage and is unlocked after completing Fortress Centrum.

Features and Overview

Ganon's Lair is the name of Ganon's Face of Evil, located in central Koridai. As with the other Faces of Evil, the volcanic mountain is carved in the resemblance of Ganon's likeness, with a fiery mouth and two large horns. It is heavily guarded by his minions and filled with various hazards, most notably pools of molten lava. Numerous skulls litter the inside of the mountain. The Lair is where Ganon is holding Zelda prisoner, under the effects of a sleeping spell.

Link advances to the Lair from the valley where the Hermit Flat is located. The area outside is guarded by invisible Sancromies, but are made visible by the light of the Lantern of Vision received from Gwonam. Zolas also live in the valley's tar pits and emerge to attack Link. A small wall near the entrance blocks the path ahead, but is destroyed with a Bomb. A Raft in the tar pit takes Link into the mouth of the Face of Ganon, where green ooze flows from a grate. The grate leads into a great cavern, where a large pool of lava sits below. A moving red stone is used to cross the lava to the next ledge. A chasm lies at the other end where an opening sits above.

In the next tunnel, Link encounters Militron again in a rematch. Beyond him is a door leading into an armored room with Lowders and Flying Snakes. Link climbs the platforms to a metal doorway, which leads to a tall crypt with more flying enemies. At the very top of the shelves is an opening emitting purple light, leading directly into Ganon's chamber. There Link faces Ganon and defeats him with the Book of Koridai. The Key to Zelda's prison is then dropped, which opens the door on the ledge. Link finds Zelda asleep on a bed, and wakes her by ringing the gong overhead.

Enemies and Traps


  • In an early sketch of Koridai made by Rob Dunlavey for The Faces of Evil, Ganon's Lair is named "Sancrumi".[2]



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