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Game Room

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Game Room
Salvatore inside the Game Room
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The Game Room is a room at the base of Windfall Island's Lighthouse in The Wind Waker.


The poster inside the Game Room

The Game Room is a room devoted to the Sinking Ships mini-game, which is run by Salvatore. It features a cut-out of Tetra's pirate ship amid scenery of the Great Sea, which acts as the background for the Sinking Ships mini-game. Behind the ship are three Yellow Rupees, which Link can collect. The Rupees do not appear again after the young hero has collected them, however.

The rest of the room boasts a nautical theme, with ship wheels, various swords and a Jolly Roger appearing on the walls as well as grating on the floor. The Game Room also provides the only access to the Lighthouse's roof, where Kreeb can be found. A poster of Windfall Island's Lighthouse appears on the Game Room's western wall advertising the Lighthouse's Ferris Wheel attraction.

Sinking Ships

Main article: Sinking Ships

The Sinking Ships mini-game is similar to Battleship, as Link must find and destroy three squids that are placed randomly on the playing grid using only 24 cannonballs.[1][2]

For successfully completing the mini-game, Link is rewarded with a Piece of Heart.[3] Upon completing it twice, Link is given Treasure Chart No. 7.[4] Completing the mini-game after obtaining both prizes will yield Purple Rupees, valued at 50 Rupees.[5] However, if Link can complete the mini-game using 20 or less shots, he will be given Treasure Chart No. 23.[6]


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