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Game Over

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Game Over
TAoL Game Over.png
The Game Over screen from The Adventure of Link
Other Media

Game Over,[22] or Defeat,[23] is the recurring message shown when the hero's quest fails in The Legend of Zelda series.


A Game Over message is displayed when the hero's energy becomes depleted. Certain situations, such as the following, will also display it:

The Legend of Zelda

The Adventure of Link

A Link to the Past

Link's Awakening

Ocarina of Time

Oracle of Seasons

Oracle of Ages

Four Swords

The Wind Waker

Four Swords Adventures

The Minish Cap

Twilight Princess

Phantom Hourglass

Spirit Tracks

Skyward Sword

A Link Between Worlds

Tri Force Heroes

Breath of the Wild

Other Appearances

Hyrule Warriors


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