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Gallery:Hyrule Warriors Legends

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This is a gallery page featuring promotional and pre-release media from and relating to Hyrule Warriors Legends.

Box Art

Limited Editions


Special Editions Contents and Pre-order Bonuses







Video Gallery

Reveal Trailer
Wind Waker Campaign Trailer
European Limited Edition Trailer
Japanese Promotional Trailer
Legendary Warriors Unleashed Trailer
Character Trailer
amiibo Trailer
Launch Trailer
My Fairy Trailer
Master Wind Waker Pack Trailer
WonderCon Developer Panel
Link's Awakening Pack Trailer
Phantom Hourglass & Spirit Tracks Pack Trailer
A Link Between Worlds Pack Trailer

Character Exhibition Videos

Ganondorf – Trident
Linkle – Crossbows
Skull Kid – Ocarina
Toon Link – Light Sword
Tetra – Cutlass
King Daphnes – Sail
Medli – Rito Harp