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Gallery:Breath of the Wild

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This is a gallery page featuring promotional and pre-release media from and relating to Breath of the Wild.

Box Art

Switch Version

Wii U Version

Special Editions


Special Edition Contents

Pre-Order Bonuses





Concept Art



E3 2014

E3 2016

Nintendo Switch Presentation

Japanese Switch Commercial

Social Media


E3 2016 Booth

Video Gallery

E3 2014 reveal trailer
Game Awards 2014 gameplay
E3 2016 trailer
Wolf Link amiibo trailer
amiibo trailer
In This World trailer
In This Era trailer
Life in the Ruins trailer
Game Awards 2016 gameplay
Game Center DX gameplay
Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017 trailer
European Limited Edition trailer
Super Bowl LI commercial
Japanese Switch commercial
Expansion Pass announcement
Limited Edition unboxing
The Making of Breath of the Wild - Story and Characters
The Making of Breath of the Wild - Open-Air Concept
The Making of Breath of the Wild - The Beginning
The Making of Breath of the Wild - Bonus Session
Breaking Conventions GDC conference
Accolades trailer
Expansion Pass trailer
The Champions' Ballad trailer
Promotional Content