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Fun Fun Island

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Fun Fun Island
Link falling onto Fun Fun Island
Link falling onto Fun Fun Island
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Fun Fun Island is a place in Skyward Sword,[1] located near Skyloft. The entire island is used for a minigame, but Link cannot access this minigame until he has helped Dodoh. A Goddess Cube Chest containing a Gold Rupee can be found beneath the island.

Helping Dodoh

When Link first lands on the island, he learns that Dodoh's party wheel fell down to the Surface.[2] The man is overcome by sadness and loses hope for recovering the wheel.[3][4] Link can raise the man's spirits by locating the wheel in Lanayru Desert and using Scrapper to carry it to The Sky. Dodoh will thank Link by giving him a free play on the island. All subsequent plays require 20 Rupees.[5]

Dodoh's High Dive

To begin the minigame on this island, known as Dodoh's High Dive, Link must jump into a cannon which will launch him straight up.[6] At this point, the island begins to rotate and Link finds himself free-falling. The main objective is to land on a colored space on the rotating board beneath. Each color corresponds to a different Rupee value (refer to the table beneath).[7] To increase his profits, Link can pass through Fortune Rings while falling. Each ring increases the prize multiplier and slows down the rotating board.[8] At the same time, Link must avoid giant Dodoh balls which reset the multiplier to zero.[9] The multiplier affects all spaces except the gray space.

Color Prize (Base value)
Pink and Blue 50 Rupees (Piece of Heart at ×10 Multiplier)
Red 20 Rupees
Blue 5 Rupees
Green 1 Rupee
Brown 0 Rupees
Gray Loss of 10 Rupees (unaffected by multiplier)


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ルーレッ島 (Rūrettou) Roulette Island
Canada FrenchCA Île fortune Fortune Island
French Republic FrenchEU Ile Roulette Roulette Island
Italian Republic Italian Isola della roulette Roulette Island
Community of Latin American and Caribbean States SpanishLA Isla Fortuná Fortune Island



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