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Frozen Hyrule (Stage)

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Frozen Hyrule
Frozen Hyrule FSA.png
Main Appearance(s)
Fire Rod is most extensively used
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In Four Swords Adventures, Frozen Hyrule is the first stage in the level of same name. It is mainly the fields of Hyrule, but have been covered in snow, and some passages have been blocked by walls of ice. There is also a trail where blizzards cause damage, which will require finding holes to take cover in before continuing on. The boss for the stage is Manhandla, which is also the boss for The Coast.

Extensive use of the Fire Rod is necessary to progress past Frozen Hyrule's Snow Walls, melt hazardous Snowballs, and thaw frozen Force Gems.

Items Obtained in this Area

Minor Enemies and Traps


Frozen Hyrule's fanfare is a remix of the Dark World theme of A Link to the Past.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
French-speaking countries French Hyrule sous la Neige Hyrule in the Snow
Federal Republic of Germany German Eiszeit in Hyrule Ice Age in Hyrule
Italian Republic Italian Hyrule Ghiacciata
Spanish-speaking countries Spanish Hyrule Helada
TLoZ Shield Emblem.pngTAoL Magical Sword Artwork 2.pngALttP logo.pngLADX Wind Fish's Egg Sprite.pngOcarina of Time.pngMM3D Majora's Mask Artwork.pngOracle of Ages - Harp of Ages.pngRod of Seasons.pngFS logo.pngWind Waker wand.pngFourSword Artwork.pngTMC Ezlo Artwork.pngTP Midna Icon.pngThe Phantom Hourglass.pngSpirit flute.pngSkyward SwordA Link Between WorldsTri Force HeroesBreath of the Wild