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Frog Link

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Frog Link
Frog Link (Kiss'n Tell).png
Link realizes he has been turned into a frog
Other appearance(s)
The Gibdo that turned Link into a frog

Frog Link is one of Link's transformations, featured in the "Kiss'n Tell" episode of The Legend of Zelda TV series.[citation needed] After Link defeats a Gleeok that was harrassing a maiden, the girl rewards Link with a kiss; however, as their lips meet, Link turns into a frog and the maiden turns out to be a Gibdo sent by Ganon.[1] As Link is about to reach for his sword, he realizes that his hands have turned frog-like and is too distracted to see that the Gibdo is about to attack him.[2] Fortunately, Zelda defeats the foe and then takes Link to look into a pond for him to realize his frog form. He starts to cry and Zelda hugs him, saying she will be his friend no matter what.[3] He is then attacked by Ganon, who kidnaps the princess and takes her into the Underworld while Link is unconscious.[4]

When Link wakes up, he goes to the castle and asks the Triforce of Wisdom for advice on how to return to his human form. The Triforce then tells him to look for the Witch of Walls in an endless wall by an ion tree.[5] Eventually, he and Spryte find the witch, who tells the young hero that a princess must kiss him by her own free will in order for him to be human again.[6] Following the witch's advice, Link goes to the Underworld and finds Zelda, telling her about the cure that will free him of his frog self.[7] Just when Zelda is about to kiss him, Ganon zaps Link and knocks him unconscious again, and Spryte, feeling sorry for the young hero, gives him a kiss on the cheek.[8] Spryte's kiss causes Link to transform back into a human, and it is later explained that since Spryte is the daughter of the King of Fairies, that naturally makes her a princess.[9]

As a frog, Link has a tendency to immediately eat any insect that is near him, much to Spryte's dismay.[10]


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