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BotW Frita Model.png
Race Rito
Gender Female

Frita is a character in Breath of the Wild.[citation needed]


Frita is a traveling Rito woman that is visiting Gerudo Town. She can always be found standing by Estan's General Store, which sells different kinds of cooked steak. If Link speaks to Frita, she greets him and explains that she wants to use the Gerudo greeting.[1][2][3] However, Frita is worried that she will embarrass herself and feels that it would seem like she is bragging.[4][5] Frita also asks Link if he gets many visitors where he is from, commenting that Gerudo Town is drastically different from her home,[6] Rito Village.[7] Frita explains that she wanted to try the meat in Gerudo Town,[8] but is disappointed that they do not have any poultry.[9] Frita also comments that she does not see any other Rito in the Town and wonders if she is the only Rito there.[10] If Link talks to Frita at night, she explains that Rito do not have good night vision,[11] but Gerudo Town's brightly lit environment allows her to see everything.[12] She comments that if Rito Village was brighter, they would be able to go out at night like the Gerudo do.[13]


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