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Kohm (mother)

Frelly is a character in Breath of the Wild.[citation needed]


Frelly is a Gerudo who manages the Southeast Booth of the Sand-Seal Rental Shop in Gerudo Town.[1] The Northwest Booth of the Shop is managed by Frelly's mother, Kohm.[2] Link first finds Frelly in the Gerudo Desert just outside of Gerudo Town. When Link speaks to her, Frelly asks if Link crossed the Desert on foot.[3] If Link tells her that he came on foot, Frelly comments that it must have been difficult and that it is common sense to travel the Desert with a Sand Seal.[4][5] If Link says he rode there, Frelly is impressed that a Hylian man has mastered Sand-Seal surfing.[6] Frelly is speechless, pausing for a moment before saying that it must have been a challenge to catch a Sand Seal.[7][8] Frelly then introduces herself and explains that she rents out trained Sand Seals for people who do not have the time to train their own.[1][9] Frelly assures Link that she can answer any questions about Sand Seals and that she is skilled at training them.[10][11] When Link asks about Sand Seals, she explains that Sand Seals are native to the Gerudo Desert Gateway.[12] Frelly then says that it is dangerous to cross the Desert on foot and that one would breeze along by crossing with a Sand Seal,[13] making them very important to the Gerudo people.[14] If Link asks Frelly how to catch a Sand Seal, she tells him that they are sensitive to sound and that they must be approached very slowly.[15] However, she points out that most Gerudo just rent a Sand Seal to avoid the hassle of catching one.[16] If Link asks how to ride a Sand Seal, Frelly tells him that Link needs a Shield and that Sand Seals will simply go in whatever direction Link steers.[17][18] She recommends that the best way to learn is to try it.[19][20] Frelly also tells Link to come by her shop in Gerudo Town to rent a Sand Seal if he has trouble catching one,[21] but quickly remembers that men are not allowed inside the Town.[22] If Link is wearing the Gerudo Set, Frelly tells Link to look for the big Sand Seal statue to find her shop in Gerudo Town.[23]

If Link speaks to Frelly at her Sand-Seal Rental Shop booth, she says that Sand Seals are the best way to cross the Gerudo Desert and offers Link a Sand Seal rental for 20 Rupees or 50 Rupees for a Wooden Shield as well should he not have any shields.[24][25] If Link wishes to rent a Sand Seal, he will tell Frelly to "seal the deal," which is a pun that confuses Frelly.[26] Frelly herself also uses seal puns, such as telling Link that it would be a "sealious mistake" to travel the Desert without a Sand Seal and says "seal you another time" when Link rents a Sand Seal.[27][28]


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name
Japan Japanese フラジィ


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