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Four Swords Series

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The Four Swords Series,[citation needed] of The Legend of Zelda series, is made up of three games: Four Swords, Four Swords Adventures, and The Minish Cap.

In all the Four Swords games, there are two constant things: Vaati and the Four Sword. Vaati is a wind mage with several forms, namely a human-sized Minish and a giant, demonic flying eyeball.

The Four Sword is always there to stop Vaati. It gives Link the power to split himself into four. It also serves as the wind mage's prison.

The Four Swords Timeline

The Minish Cap

  • Vaati (as a Minish) steals Ezlo's magic cap, becoming a powerful human sorcerer. He then turns his master, Ezlo, into a talking cap.
  • Winning the Picori Festival Tournament (Martial Arts Tournament in Japan), Vaati breaks the Picori Blade.
  • Events of The Minish Cap take place, and Link, after battling the wind mage's three demon forms, defeats Vaati. He is presumably sealed in the Four Sword, either at this time or during future events prior to Four Swords.

Four Swords

  • Awakened from his slumber, Vaati breaks free from his prison, taking Princess Zelda hostage.
  • Link, after traveling with his split selves through Hyrule, faces Vaati in Vaati's Palace. After battling the demon sorcerer, Link is able to reseal Vaati into the Four Sword.

Four Swords Adventures

  • After being tricked by Shadow Link, Link accidentally unleashes Vaati, allowing the sorcerer to try and conquer Hyrule.
  • Upon his defeat by Link, Vaati is apparently destroyed by Ganon. It remains unclear whether this is permanent or not, however.
  • Ganon, who was using Vaati and the Shadow Links, is defeated by Link and sealed in the Four Sword.