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Four Swords Adventures Translations/Locations

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This article is a work in progress.
This article is a work in progress.

The editors are working to update all pertinent information as soon as possible. We apologize for any incomplete or missing information.

The following page is a list of the names of every location appearing in Four Swords Adventures in every release of the game. Four Swords Adventures has been released in the following languages:

  • Japanese
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Italian

Empty cells indicate there is no given name for the particular location in that language.



Image Japanese English French German Spanish Italian|-
Whereabouts of the Wind.png
風の行方 (Kaze no Yukue) Whereabouts of the Wind Et le Vent se leva Die Spur des Windes Paradero del viento Una Zona Ventosa
Lake Hylia FSA.png
ハイリア湖畔 (Hairia Kohan) Lake Hylia Lac Hylia Hylia-See Lago Hylia Lago Hylia
戻らずの洞窟 (Modorazu no Dōkutsu) Cave of No Return Grotte des Ames perdues Höhle der Verdammnis Cueva Salsipuedes Grotta del Non Ritorno
Hyrule Castle FSA.jpg
ハイラル城 (Hairaru Jō) Hyrule Castle Château d'Hyrule Schloss Hyrule Castillo de Hyrule Castello di Hyrule
FSA Eastern Hyrule.png
ハイラルの東 (Hairaru no Higashi) Eastern Hyrule A l'Est d'Hyrule Osten von Hyrule Hyrule oriental Hyrule Orientale
The Coast2 FSA.png
海岸 (Kaigan) The Coast La Côte Die Küste La Costa La Costa
Village of Blue Maiden FSA.png
青の巫女の村 (Ao no Miko no Mura) Village of the Blue Maiden Village de la Jeune Fille bleue Dorf der Trauermaid Pueblo de Azuncella Villaggio della Vergine Blu
東の神殿 (Higashi no Shinden) Eastern Temple Temple de l'Est Tempel des Ostens Templo del Este Tempio dell'Est
Death Mountain FSA.png
デスマウンテン (Desu Maunten) Death Mountain Montagne de la Mort Todesberg La Montaña de la Muerte Monte Morte
Death Mountain Foothills FSA.png
デスマウンテンのふもと (Desu Maunten no Fumoto) Death Mountain Foothills Les Contreforts de la Mort Am Fuße des Todesbergs E. de la Mtña. de la Muerte Ai Piedi del Monte Morte
登山道 (Tozandō) The Mountain Path Le Sentier Der Bergpfad Sendero montañés Sentiero Montano
Tower of Flames FSA2.png
炎の塔 (Honō no Tō) Tower of Flames Tour des Flammes Turm des Feuers Torre de las Llamas Torre di Fuoco
The Field.png
草原地方 (Sōgen Chihō) Near the Fields A l'orée des Champs Die Ebene En los campos Fra i Campi
The Field Cannons.png
草原 (Sōgen) The Field Le Champ Die Ebene El Campo La Piana
The Swamp2 FSA.png
沼地 (Numachi) The Swamp Le Marais Der Sumpf Ciénaga La Palude
ハイラル城への潜入 (Hairaru Jō e no Sen'nyū) Infiltration of Hyrule Castle Infiltration du Château Infiltration: Schloss Hyrule I. en el C. de Hyrule Intrusi nel Castello di Hyrule
The Dark World.png
暗黒の世界 (Ankoku no Sekai) The Dark World Monde des Ténèbres Die Schattenwelt El Mundo de las Tinieblas Il Mondo delle Tenebre
Lost Woods FSA.png
迷いの森 (Mayoi no Mori) The Lost Woods Bois Perdus Die Verlorenen Wälder Bosque Perdido Bosco Perduto
カカリコ村 (Kakariko Mura) Kakariko Village Cocorico Dorf Kakariko Pueblo Kakariko Villaggio Kakariko
Temple of Darkness FSA.png
暗黒の神殿 (Ankoku no Shinden) Temple of Darkness Temple des Ténèbres Tempel der Finsternis Templo Oscuro Tempio delle Tenebre
Desert of Doubt FSA.png
あやしの砂漠 (Ayashi no Sabaku) Desert of Doubt Désert du Doute Wüste der Irrungen El Desierto de la Duda Il Deserto del Dubbio
Desert of Doubt.png
あやしの砂漠 (Ayashi no Sabaku) Desert of Doubt Désert du Doute Wüste der Irrungen Desierto de la Duda Deserto del Dubbio
砂漠の神殿 (Sabaku no Shinden) Desert Temple Temple du Désert Wüsten-Tempel Templo del Desierto Tempio del Deserto
Pyramid FSA.png
ピラミッド (Piramiddo) Pyramid Pyramide Die Pyramide Pirámide Piramide
Frozen Hyrule.png
雪のハイラル (Yuki no Hairaru) Frozen Hyrule Hyrule sous la Neige Eiszeit in Hyrule Hyrule Helada Hyrule Ghiacciata
Frozen Hyrule FSA.png
雪のハイラル (Yuki no Hairaru) Frozen Hyrule Hyrule sous la Neige Eiszeit in Hyrule Hyrule Helada Hyrule Ghiacciata
Temple of Ice Entry FSA.jpg
氷の神殿 (Kōri no Shinden) Temple of Ice Le Temple de Glace Der Eis-Tempel Templo del Hielo Tempio del Ghiaccio
風の塔 (Kaze no Tō) Tower of Winds Tour des Vents Turm der Winde Torre de los Vientos Torre dei Venti
Palace of Winds (FSA).png
天上の世界 (Tenjō no Sekai) Realm of the Heavens Contrée des Cieux Himmelsgefilde El Reino Celeste Reame Celeste
Realm of the Heavens.png
天上の世界 (Tenjō no Sekai) Realm of the Heavens Contrée des Cieux Himmelsgefilde Reino Celeste Reame Celeste
Dark Cloud.png
暗雲 (An'un) The Dark Cloud Citadelle des Nuages Düstere Wolkenwelt Nubarrón Cittadella delle Nubi
Palace of Winds Entry.png
風の宮殿 (Kaze no Kyūden) Palace of Winds Palais des Vents Palast der Winde Palacio de los Vientos Palazzo dei Venti

Other Locations

Image Japanese English French German Spanish Italian
FSA Great Fairy's Fountain.png
Great Fairy's Fountain Fontaine de la Grande Fée Quell der Großen Fee Fuente de lagran hada Fontana, dalla Fata Radiosa
Hesbra Hills.png
ヘブラの丘 (Hebura no Oka) Hebra's Hill Mont Hebra Hebras Hügel Colina de Hebra Colline di Hebra
Lon Lon Ranch FSA.png
ロンロン牧場 (Ron Ron Bokujō) Lon Lon Ranch Ranch Lon Lon Lon Lon-Farm Rancho de Lon Lon Fattoria Lon Lon
Moving House.png
Moving House Maison mobile Bewegliches Haus Casa móvil Casa mobile
Tingle's Tower - Interior.png
Tingle's Tower Tour de Tingle Tingles Turm Torre de Tingle Torre di Tingle
TLoZ Shield Emblem.pngTAoL Magical Sword Artwork 2.pngALttP logo.pngLADX Wind Fish's Egg Sprite.pngLANS Marin Render.pngOoT Ocarina of Time Render.pngMM3D Majora's Mask Render.pngOracle of Ages - Harp of Ages.pngRod of Seasons.pngFS logo.pngTWW Wind Waker Render.pngFSA Four Sword Artwork.pngTMC Ezlo Artwork.pngTP Midna Icon.pngThe Phantom Hourglass.pngST Spirit Flute Collection Icon.pngSS Fi Icon.pngALBW Dark Triforce.pngTri Force HeroesBotW Crest of the Sheikah Symbol.pngFoE Logo.pngWoG Logo.pngTRRLogo.pngLogoT2.pngLCT Crossbow Render.pngHW Link's Scarf Icon 2.pngHWDE NA Logo.pngHH.pngGerudoE.png