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This article is about the item in A Link Between Worlds. For the Side Quest in Breath of the Wild, see "The Forgotten Sword".
Forgotten Sword
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The Forgotten Sword is an item in A Link Between Worlds.[1]

Location and Uses

After the Captain forgets his Sword at the Blacksmith's Forge, Link is tasked with finding him and returning the Forgotten Sword. This takes Link to the Sanctuary, where he witnesses the Captain locked inside. With help from Dampé, Link takes the Secret Passage under the Graveyard so he can make it into the Sanctuary. Once inside, Link discovers that Yuga has transformed the Captain into a Painting, allowing him to keep the Sword.

The Forgotten Sword does half a Heart of damage. It can also be used to cut and break objects such as Grass, Jars, and Signs.


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