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Forest of Time

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Forest of Time
The Forest of Time as seen from overhead
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The Forest of Time is a recurring location in The Legend of Zelda series.

Features and Overview

Oracle of Ages

The Forest of Time is the region in Labrynna where Link begins his quest. The first person he meets is Impa, who was sent by Princess Zelda to look for Nayru.[1] It is in this area that Link meets Nayru, Ralph and Veran, the antagonist of the game, for the first time. Link also witnesses the possession of Nayru by Veran here.

Nayru's home is also located in a tree in the north-eastern corner of the Forest of Time. Inside is a hidden room which contains the Harp of Ages. Impa will remain in Nayru's home for the entirety of the game.[2]

During his quest Link will pass through this area to reach Yoll Graveyard and Rolling Ridge.

In the south-western corner of the Forest of Time is a rocky area where Link will meet Tingle. However, to reach Tingle, Link will require Ricky's assistance, as his path is blocked by holes and cliffs. Tingle will give Link the Island Chart which is necessary if Link is to reach Crescent Island.[3] Later on in the game, Tingle will upgrade Link's Seed Satchel, allowing him to carry 50 Mystical Seeds.[4] In a Linked Game of Oracle of Seasons, Link will receive a secret which can be told to Tingle, who will then upgrade his satchel again, allowing him to carry a maximum of 99 seeds.

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