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Forest of Spirits

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Forest of Spirits
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The Forest of Spirits is a location in Breath of the Wild.


The Forest of Spirits is a heavily-wooded area in the north of the Great Plateau. It is lush with wildlife, inhabited by Boars and birds as well as a plethora of organic plant-based Materials. An uninhabited camp containing a campfire and a Cooking Pot can be found in the eastern reaches of the Forest of Spirits, allowing Link to cook various Foods with the Materials littered across the Forest floor. This camp also contains basic weaponry, such as the Traveler's Bow and a Torch. Also found in the Forest of Spirits is an enormous hollow log with the top rotted away, inside which a tall yellow flower can be found. If Link tries to approach this flower, it will vanish, and reappear a short distance away. After it does this several times, it reveals itself to be a Korok. Another Korok, Linder, can be found by lifting the rock on the top of the small, strangely shaped hill.

The Stone Talus, a gigantic golem-like enemy, can be found in a rocky clearing in the Forest.


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