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Forest Temple (Twilight Princess)

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Forest Temple
The first room in the Forest Temple
Location(s) Faron Woods
Game(s) Twilight Princess
Main Item Gale Boomerang
Mini-boss(es) Ook
Boss(es) Twilit Parasite: Diababa
Quest Reward(s)Fused Shadow
Heart Container
Theme Music

The Forest Temple is the first dungeon in Twilight Princess.

Entrance to the Temple

The Forest Temple is housed within a massive tree in the Faron Woods. If Link revisits the temple after clearing it, the Clawshot will be needed in order to make it any further than the dungeon's main room, as well as to reach the boss chamber. This is because the monkeys that initially helped him traverse the temple disappear from inside it once the boss is defeated.

Themes and Navigation

The Forest Temple is infested with Deku Babas, Baba Serpents, Skulltulas, and Bokoblins. The Gale Boomerang, which is obtained after defeating the temple's miniboss Ook, is used inside to manipulate wind powered switches and bridges, allowing Link to access rooms deeper within the temple. Bomblings must also be used as replacements to Bombs in order to destroy several boulders inside the temple, as well as to defeat the temple's boss. Monkeys, which have been imprisoned in various locations throughout the temple by Ook, must be freed in order to help Link progress. Upon defeating the temple's boss Diababa, Link will obtain one of the Fused Shadows.

Minor Enemies and Traps


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 森の神殿 (Mori no Shinden) Forest Temple
French-speaking countries French Temple Sylvestre Wooded Temple
Canada FrenchCA Temple de la Forêt Forest Temple
Federal Republic of Germany German Waldschrein Forest Shrine
Italian Republic Italian Santuario della foresta Sanctuary of the forest
Spanish-speaking countries Spanish Templo del Bosque Forest Temple


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