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Forest Temple (Ocarina of Time)

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Forest Temple
The entrance to the Forest Temple
Location(s) Sacred Forest Meadow
Game(s) Ocarina of Time
Main Item Fairy Bow
Gold Skulltulaร—5
Mini-boss(es) Stalfos
Poe Sisters
Boss(es) Evil Spirit from Beyond: Phantom Ganon
Quest Reward(s)Forest Medallion
Heart Container

The Forest Temple is the first Dungeon as Adult Link in Ocarina of Time.[1] Link journeys here to save his childhood Kokiri friend Saria only to awaken her as the Sage of Forest.[2] Her power helps Link continue on his journey to free the other imprisoned sages. The main item obtained is the Fairy Bow, and the temple's boss is Phantom Ganon.

Entrance to the Temple

Deep within the Sacred Forest Meadow in the Lost Woods lies the mansion-like Forest Temple,[3] inhabited by many fierce foes. Since the stairway leading to the temple is now broken, the only way to gain access to the temple is by obtaining the Hookshot from the Kakariko Graveyard[4] and grabbing onto a tree branch hanging off the top of the entrance platform.

Themes and Navigation

One of the Temple's twisted corridors

The Forest Temple is an eerie, complex temple filled with strange puzzles and other features designed to confuse its explorers, such as an array of switches which have the ability to twist entire hallways in an unnatural manner, rearranging the very dungeon, making walls become floors. It one of the few dungeons in The Legend of Zelda series whose structure can be altered in this manner (for other examples, see the Eagle's Tower and the Stone Tower Temple). The dungeon's interior design is reminiscent of a mansion or castle, with portraits hanging in certain rooms and quaint red carpets decorating the floor. This is also one of the few dungeons that has open-air elements, walled gardens are found on the east and west sides of the dungeon, connected by two wells. Most of its rooms and corridors are covered with moss and vines, and many hold enemies like the Skulltula and Deku Baba, but most of the threats Link will encounter in this dungeon are of the undead variety, be it spirits or skeletons.

The temple marks many returning elements from previous games in the series that had been lacking in the more unconventional earlier dungeons that Young Link goes through. As well as being based on the Palaces that appeared in The Adventure of Link and A Link to the Past, this dungeon marks the first appearance of Stalfos and Bubbles in a 3D Zelda game, staples of the series. Stalfos appear as mini-bosses in the temple twice, one time while guarding the Fairy Bow, another primary weapon in the series making its first appearance in 3D. It is also the first temple where Link meets the dreaded Wallmaster, a classic enemy who previously appeared in the likes of Skull Woods, another forest-themed dungeon filled with the undead.

The temple is also home to the four Poe Sisters that first appear by stealing the flames from four multicolored torches in the center of the main room of the dungeon. This becomes the primary puzzle that the dungeon is centered around: Link must hunt down and destroy them to restore the flames and complete the temple. The first two sisters can be found on the upper levels of the temple, in passageways with staircases; the third sister appears in the eastern end of the upper levels after Link solves a jigsaw puzzle, and the final sister returns to the dungeon's main chamber after the other three are defeated.

The temple's music uses a mix of haunting, eerie sounds and a slow, gentle melody driven by wind instruments. Its boss is the fierce Phantom Ganon,[5] who would go on to become a recurring boss in the series.

Master Quest

Mostly, the locations of keys and locked doors have been changed. The two Wolfos are no longer at the entrance of the Temple, but at the room where the first Stalfos was fought; the Stalfos now appears in a small connecting room and rewards Link with the map. There are two extra blocks in the room with the block puzzle, but they serve no purpose other than causing confusion. The first twisted room is straight when it is first found, and is twisted by activating a Crystal Switch, not with arrows. Several puzzles requiring Time Blocks are found, too. There are more Skulltulas and Skullwalltulas in the dungeon. In the room where the Floormaster was originally found is a single ReDead; the Floormaster is now found in another room. The well is now emptied by shooting an eye with the bow.

Minor Enemies and Traps



TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ๆฃฎใฎ็ฅžๆฎฟ (Mori no Shinden) Forest Temple
French-speaking countries French Temple de la Forรชt Forest Temple
Federal Republic of Germany German Waldtempel Forest Temple
Italian Republic Italian Santuario della Foresta Sanctuary of the Forest
Spanish-speaking countries Spanish Templo del Bosque Forest Temple


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