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Forest Haven

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Forest Haven
Forest Haven as seen when Link first arrives
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The Forest Haven, consisting of two main islands, is a location found in The Wind Waker.

Entrance to the Haven

It is home to the Koroks, who once took humanoid form and were called Kokiri. They are watched over and protected by the Great Deku Tree. The main island takes the form of an enormous dead tree trunk, out of which flows a stream. Link must traverse the stream, defeating Boko Babas and Octoroks, in order to enter the haven.

Upon first arriving at Forest Haven, Link finds the Deku Tree infested with ChuChus. Once they are defeated and the Deku Tree restored, the place becomes serene and calming.

Fishman's Comment

Hoy! Small fry!

Forest Haven

Just a wee bit north of this island, I've sometimes seen a merchant of incredible girth with a monstrous pack on his back. Now, what could he be doing on that lonely little isle? I tell you, there are some strange folk in the world, fry...

Tingle's Comment


Forest Haven

Forest Haven feels close... I want trees around Tingle Tower, too.


Main Area

An expansive view of the inside of Forest Haven

The Forest Water flowing from inside the Forest Haven has special purity, and it may be bottled and used to invigorate the Korok's saplings. However, this purity does have a time limit, and is present only in the water found within the walls of the tree. Hovering above the water, several fireflies can be found, which may be bottled and used towards the creation of the Deluxe Picto Box. The interior of the island contains many Baba Buds which Link must use to reach the highest branches of the Great Deku Tree, where he will be rewarded with the Deku Leaf, a vital tool used to reach and explore the nearby Forbidden Woods. There is also a cave containing Hollo's Forest Potion Shop, where Blue Potions can be purchased in exchange for Boko Baba Seeds.

Outer Area

The Forest Haven actually consists of various islands. The aforementioned Forbidden Woods are located on the second-largest island, west of the main area, and can be reached by landing first on a taller southern island surrounded by a cyclone. The Nintendo Gallery can be found hidden on a lower island north of the main area, and can be reached by hovering with the Deku Leaf from a high spot (and later by simply climbing a ladder). Also, there is an abandoned island southeast of the main area that houses a Treasure Chart. Finally, there is a hidden Piece of Heart under the sea that can be located and collected by opening a Treasure Chart from a lonely man living on Windfall Island.

Each minor island can be reached by hovering from a corresponding exit of the main area, although all of them can be accessed from the exit that leads mainly to the Forbidden Woods, with varying difficulty.

Minor Enemies


The Triforce symbol appears when the six most plot-significant islands are connected.


Forest Haven's German name, Tanntopia, is a portmanteau of Tanne and the Greek word, Topos.

TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.gif
Language Name Meaning
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland EnglishUK Forest Haven
Japan Japanese 森の島 Forest Island
French-speaking countries French Ile aux Forêts Forest Island
Federal Republic of Germany German Tanntopia Fir-Topia
Italian Republic Italian Arcipelago dei Boschi Archipelago of the Forest
Republic of Korea Korean 숲의 섬 (Sup-ui Seom) Forest Island
Spanish-speaking countries Spanish Isla del Bosque Forest Island
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