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Force Gem

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Force Gem
FSA Tingle Balloon.png
Tingle carrying a Force Gem
Use(s) Restoring power to the Four Sword
Restoring the Spirit Tracks

Force Gems are recurring triangular-pyramid-shaped jewels in The Legend of Zelda series.[1] Their roles vary from restoring power to the Four Sword in Four Swords Adventures,[2][3] to restoring Spirit Tracks and portions of the Tower of Spirits in Spirit Tracks. They are physical manifestations of the Force, the sacred power that dwells in every living being.[4][5]

Location and Uses

Four Swords Adventures

FSA Force Gems.png

Force Gems first appeared in Four Swords Adventures. The Links need to collect 2000 of them to empower the Four Sword, which has lost its power because of Vaati's magic.[6] Once empowered, it can break Vaati's Dark Barrier at the end of each level.[7][8] Like Rupees in most games in the series, their size and color determine their value. Often, levels will have an area that gives an opportunity to get many Force Gems at once; usually, this involves defeating many enemies without being hit. Doing this awards combo points, which will give more Force Gems from defeating the enemies.[9] In some cases, the Force Gems are used as currency.[10] Sometimes, if big Force Gems are lying around, Tingle will appear and attempt to take them before Link can reach them; Link can throw things at him to deter him.

Force Gems appear throughout each level, found on enemies, under rocks, frozen in ice, and more.[11] Below is a list of the values for each variety of Force Gem:

Force Gem Values

  • GreenForceGem.png
    Small Green Force Gem worth 1
  • BlueForceGem.png
    Small Blue Force Gem worth 5
  • RedForceGem.png
    Small Red Force Gem worth 20
  • PurpleForceGem.png
    Small Purple Force Gem worth 50
  • BigGreenForceGem.png
    Big Green Force Gem worth 100
  • BigBlueForceGem.png
    Big Blue Force Gem worth 150
  • BigRedForceGem.png
    Big Red Force Gem worth 200
  • BigPurpleForceGem.png
    Big Purple Force Gem worth 300
  • Large Green Force Gem worth 1,000
  • Large Blue Force Gem worth 1,500
  • Large Red Force Gem worth 2,000
  • Large Purple Force Gem worth 3,000

Rare Force Gems

A Force Soldier
  • Color alternating Force Gem: Its value depends on which color it is when obtained.
  • Force Soldier: A large green Force Gem with a sword and legs. If Link destroys it, it will become a big green Force Gem. However, if Link does not defeat it in time and it self destructs, its value will be reduced to one Force Gem.

Force Gem Thieves

  • Hinoxes will shake great amounts of Force Gems from Link while he is in their grasp.
  • Wizzrobes can continuously suck Force Gems from Link while dodging him at great ease and speed.
  • Force Likes will suck Force Gems from Link.
  • When Link takes significant damage, Force Gems will fall from him.

Phantom Hourglass

Force Gems in Phantom Hourglass are gold-colored. They are used in Temple of the Ocean King. In the temple, they are used to complete a Triforce symbol in the ground that will open a door. Just like a Boss Key, they slow down Link while he is carrying one and prevent him from attacking or defending himself.[12] At one point in the game, Oshus explains that the Sand of Hours are made of Force Gems from the Ocean King.[13]

In Battle Mode, Force Gems vary in size. The colors are changed during gameplay but the value of points remain the same. The larger it is, the more it is worth and heavier to carry. The Gold-colored Force Gems signify an unclaimed Force Gem. The Links' colors for the Battle Mode are red and blue. Each will have Safe Zones in their respective colors. The safe zones serve to hide Link from the Phantoms and the colored Safe Zones will change a Force Gem to its color, which adds its value to that Link's score. The neutral Safe Zones will turn red or blue gems back to gold and subtract the values from the scores.

Force Gems are found in floors three and twelve, both having three each. They're usually found on chests which can only be found and opened after solving puzzles, and it's not uncommon that other Gems are held by Phantoms as well, requiring Link to stun them first. In floor nine, the role of the Force Gems is taken by the geometrically-shaped crystals found in floors seven and eight.

Spirit Tracks

The Force Gem of the Forest Temple

Force Gems return in Spirit Tracks with a more integral role within the story and universe. Force Gems lie within the various temples across Hyrule with the role of powering the Tower of Spirits, and they also serve as the symbol of the Spirits of Good. After the Tower of Spirits is destroyed by Chancellor Cole, Link must travel to temples and unlock each of their Force Gems to restore and repair the Tower. This also restores more Spirit Tracks in its respective realm, usually revealing tracks that act as a shortcut to the Tower of Spirits.

Force Gem.png

Spirit Tracks can also be restored when the citizens of Hyrule feel a great emotion of gratitude, usually when Link helps them out, creating other Force Gems as a result of the energy emitted by their spirits.[5] These Force Gems are necessary to completely restore all of the realms' Spirit Tracks as well as to uncover all of the hidden stations, such as the Lost at Sea Station and Disorientation Station.[14] Moreover, Force Gems are attached on top of certain Spacetime Gates. Link must hit the Force Gems with bombs from his cannon to activate the Spacetime Gate and allow him to easily transport between realms.

The Battle Mode for Spirit Tracks has Link collecting as many Force Gems within the time limit while also trying to dodge various traps and attacks from Phantoms and other players.

There are 25 Force Gems in the game. Four of them are restored (rather than collected) after beating the temples. Below is a list of the locations of the 21 extra Gems, which are ordered by place appearance unless otherwise noted.

Location Method of Obtainment Tracks Revealed
Aboda Village Earned after bringing ten Cuccos from Hyrule Castle Town to Harry. North of Aboda Village, a mountain cave housing a Spacetime Gate connected to one west of the Goron Target Range in the Fire Realm.
Aboda Village Earned after bringing Ferrus from a part in the Snow Realm (next to the Snow Temple) here. West of Hyrule Castle Town, the tracks connect north of the Forest Realm to south of the Snow Realm.
Beedle's Air Shop Earned after bringing Joe from Aboda Village here. West of Hyrule Castle Town, the tracks give a northern shortcut to the Forest Temple.
Hyrule Castle Town Earned after bringing ten samples of Fish from Papuchia Village to Lucia. East of the Forest Realm, the tracks provide a shortcut to the Pirate Hideout.
Hyrule Castle Town Earned after bringing the Goron Child from Goron Village to here, then talking to him after he in turn talks to a woman. Northwest of the Fire Realm, access to Disorientation Station.
Whittleton Earned after bringing five bars of Goron Iron from Goron Village to Mash. Northwest of the Forest Realm, the tracks connect the Forest Temple to Rabbitland Rescue, and provide an alternate acces to the Snow Realm as well.
Rabbitland Rescue Earned after bringing Mona from Hyrule Castle Town here, then talking to her. South of Rabbitland Rescue, the tracks give a shortcut back to the Forest Sanctuary.
Anouki Village Earned after bringing 10 samples of Lumber from Whittleton to one of the Anouki, then bringing Kenzo (at the time found on the Trading Post) here. Northwest of the Snow Realm, straight access to Snowdrift Station.
Anouki Village Earned after bringing a Goron from Goron Village (the one who wishes to move from his home) here. A path between the two major track lattices of the Snow Realm. There is also a Spacetime Gate connected to one southeast of the Fire Realm.
Snow Sanctuary Earned after bringing a Vessel from Papuchia Village to Steem. Northeast of the Snow Realm, straight access to Slippery Station.
Wellspring Station Earned after bringing the Mega Ice seller from Anouki Village here. This Gem is mandatory to receive. South of the Snow Realm, connection to north of the Forest Realm. There is also a Spacetime Gate connected to one south of the Ocean Realm.
Trading Post Earned after bringing five samples of Dark Ore from Dark Ore Mine to Linebeck III. Southeast of the Ocean Realm, straight access to Lost at Sea Station.
Papuchia Village Earned after bringing 10 samples of Mega Ice from Wellspring Station here. West of Papuchia Village, straight access to the Pirate Hideout.
Papuchia Village Earned after bringing Dovok from Whittleton here. North of Trading Post.
Papuchia Village Earned after bringing Wadatsumi from Pirate Hideout here. North of the Ocean Realm. There is a Spacetime Gate connected to one northeast of Trading Post.
Ocean Sanctuary Earned after bringing Carben from Papuchia Village here. This Gem is mandatory to receive. West of Trading Post. There is a Spacetime Gate connected to one east of the Snow Realm.
Ocean Temple Earned after bringing Ferrus from a part of the Fire Realm (next to the Fire Temple) here. East of the Fire Realm, straight access to the Dark Ore Mine.
Goron Village Earned after bringing an Anouki from Anouki Village (the one who presents the Anouki Chief's house to the Goron who arrives there) here. Connection between east of the Snow Realm and west of the Fire Realm.
Goron Village Earned after bringing Mega Ice from Wellspring Station to the Goron who has his home obstructed by some lava portions. Southwest of Goron Target Range, connection to northwest of the Sand Realm. There is also a Spacetime Gate connected to one in the tracks between the Ocean Floor and the Ocean Temple.
Tower of Spirits Given by Anjean after meeting Chancellor Cole and Malladus at the top of the Tower. This Gem is mandatory to receive. The Sand Realm as a whole.
Sand Sanctuary Earned after bringing five Cuccos from Hyrule Castle Town to Rael. Northeast of the Fire Realm, straight access to Ends of the Earth Station.



TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese フォース (Fōsu) Force
Canada FrenchCA Joyau de Force
Joyau de Triforce (PH)
Force Jewel
Triforce Jewel
French Republic FrenchEU Gemmes de Force Force Gems
Federal Republic of Germany German Force-Kristalle Force Crystals
Italian Republic Italian Gemme della Forza
Kingdom of Spain SpanishEU Fortianita
Community of Latin American and Caribbean States SpanishLA Gema de fuerza
Gema de la fuerza (PH)
Force Gem
Gem of the force



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