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TAoL Fokka Artwork.png
Habitat(s)Great Palace
Effective Weapon(s)Magical Sword
EXP Points70Triforce piece.png
100Triforce piece.png

Fokka are armored knight enemies with bird-like heads in The Adventure of Link.[1]


TAoL Fokka Red Attacking Sprite.png

Fokka are only found in the Great Palace and are among the deadliest foes in The Adventure of Link. They can leap with startling agility and deal enormous amounts of damage. They appear in both blue and red varieties, the former being even more deadly as they can throw beams from their sword, much like blue Iron Knuckles. Sometimes, it is best to flee them rather than to stand and fight as the amount of experience rewarded for defeating one is minimal at this late stage in the game. These creatures serve as guardians of the Great Palace – a role usually played by Iron Knuckles, who fight in a similar manner to Fokka. Much like Iron Knuckle statues in the first six dungeons, statues of Fokka appear throughout the Great Palace.

Their name and appearance share similarities with the Fokkeru from the same game. They both appear in the Great Palace, and are probably related, and may both have a relation to the Thunderbird.


  • Given the similar name of Fokka and Fokkeru and Fokkeru having a more feminine appearance, it is possible that the two monsters are intended to be male and female variants.
  • Roam from the A Link to the Past comic by Shotaro Ishinomori shows some similarities to a Fokka when transformed by the Dark World.
  • フォッカー (Fokkā) (pronounced /'ɸok.kɑː/ PHOHK-kah) is likely based on the German word "Vogel" (pronounced /ˈfoːɡəl/ FO-gəl), which means "bird". It may also possibly be based on the Dutch aircraft manufacturer Fokker.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.gif
Language Name
Japan Japanese フォッカー (Fokkā)



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