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ALBW Flamola Model.png
A Flamola, as seen in-game
Habitat(s)Turtle Rock
Effective Weapon(s)Ice Rod
Sword Beam

Flamolas are fiery relatives of Swamolas and Lanmolas that appear in A Link Between Worlds.[1]


Flamolas live in Turtle Rock, swimming through the magma and jumping over walkways that Link needs to cross. They can be defeated easily by hitting them with the Ice Rod or Sword Beams from the Master Sword while they are jumping out of the magma. Flamolas are made of magma and exert intense heat, so if Link hits a Flamola with the Master Sword, or comes in any direct contact with a Flamola, Link will be burned. Killing all of the Flamolas in Turtle Rock will make a Treasure Chest appear, which contains a Silver Rupee.


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