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Flame Guard

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Flame Guard
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Flame Guard is an ability in Breath of the Wild.[1]


Flame Guard is an ability that protects the user from Scorching Climates, such as those around Death Mountain, which cause flammable materials to catch fire.[2][3] Even with Flame Guard active, it does not prevent wooden equipment from catching fire, though Link is immune to the resultant flames if his equipment does begin to burn. Flame Guard does not protect against Heat in desert environments, such as in the Gerudo Desert. Flame Guard can be granted by wearing Armor that provides it as an effect, such as the Flamebreaker Set and the Vah Rudania Divine Helm, or by administering Fireproof Elixirs.

The effects of Flame Guard can be stacked twice by donning two pieces of Armor that provide it, using a high-level Fireproof Elixir, or using both a piece of fire-resistant Armor and a Fireproof Elixir. Some areas contain Scorching Climates that are too hot for just one level of Flame Guard, forcing Link to increase his level of protection to avoid catching fire. Flame Guard does not protect against fire-based attacks, direct strikes from flaming enemies, viscous lava formations, and pools of lava, which will still cause him to catch fire and sustain damage.

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