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TP Lure Fishing.png
Game(s)Link's Awakening
Ocarina of Time
Twilight Princess
Phantom Hourglass
Majora's Mask 3D
Cost10 to 100 Rupees

Fishing is a type of mini-game in the The Legend of Zelda series.[citation needed] Fishing involves using a Fishing Rod to haul out Fish from rivers, ponds or oceans. In many games that have Fishing, Link may use different Lures or Baits to catch different Fish. Link can usually fish in Fishing Holes, which are dedicated fishing spots that allow him to cast his Fishing Rod for an unlimited time at a very low price; however, in Twilight Princess and Phantom Hourglass, the young hero can fish anywhere without any cost.

While fishing, Link can earn various prizes from its respective Fishing Hole if he manages to catch a record-breaking Fish. For a list of the locations of the fishing ponds, see Fishing Hole.


Link's Awakening

Link fishing a runt

In its first appearance, fishing costs 10 Rupees to play. Link can use the left and right buttons on the directional pad to aim the cast, and once a fish is hooked, he must press the button rapidly to reel it in. The prize for the fish caught depends on whether it is a runt or a lunker. For a runt, the pond owner will award the young hero with 5 Rupees, and for a lunker, 20 Rupees will be given instead.[1][2] However, one of the lunkers yields a Piece of Heart the first time it is caught.

Link can stay and catch all the fish until leaving the fishing hole empty. The young hero will have to leave and re-enter the area in order for the fish to come back.

Ocarina of Time

Young Link catches a fish in Ocarina of Time 3D

In Ocarina of Time, Link can fish for an unlimited time with 20 Rupees, which includes the fishing rod fee.[3] If the Rumble Pak is connected to the Nintendo 64 controller, Link will be able to feel the vibrations of a fish as it is being reeled in.[4] Any time Link catches a fish, he can take it to the pond owner to get it weighed. If the fish breaks the current record by at least four pounds, the young hero will receive a Piece of Heart (as a child), or a Golden Scale (as an adult).[5] Any fish that breaks the record by less than four pounds will yield an award of 5 Rupees as a child and 20 Rupees as an adult. The default weight record to beat for Child Link is six pounds, while for Adult Link, it is seven pounds. Along with the prize, the record-size fish will be kept inside a fish tank near the entrance that displays the weight and the name of the person who caught it, the exception being the Hyrule Loach, which the owner will release back since it is an endangered species.[6][7]

The biggest fish in the pond is always located by the arched log on the west of the pond, unless Link scares it off

Next to the hut is a fishing pond full of fish ready to be caught. Link can use two types of fishing lures: the regular one, which already comes with the fishing rod, and an illegal lure known as the Sinking Lure, which only appears after Link has obtained the prize in its respective era.[8] The sinking lure is prohibited due to its relatively easy way of catching fish. If Link catches a fish using the sinking lure and shows it to the Fishing Hole Man to get it weighed, the pond owner will deny Link a prize;[9] despite this, the fish will still be displayed inside the fish tank, but it will contain a note stating that the fish was caught via the use of the illegal lure.[10]

Link can walk around the fishing pond to find the best spot to fish. Usually, the biggest fish are located either by the log which can be stood on in the west side of the pond, or by three poles surfacing from the water on the east side. The ideal time to fish is during sunrise, sundown, or while it is raining since that is when the fish seem to be more active and energetic. Once a fish has been hooked, the best strategy is to press the A button while turning the Control Stick depending on the direction that the fish moves: if the fish turns right, the Control Stick must be held to the right, and if the fish turns left, it is recommended that the Control Stick move in the same direction in order to surprise the fish and make the reeling in process a lot easier.


While not fishing

N64 GCN Wii 3DS Action
N64 Button A.png Gamecube Button A.png Wii Classic Button A.png 3DS Button A.png Allows Link to talk to the owner or read signs, roll, open doors, or dive.
N64 Button B.png Gamecube Button B.png Wii Classic Button B.png 3DS Button B.png Casts the line unless Link is running
N64 Control Neutral.png Gamecube Control Neutral.png Wii Classic LStick Neutral.png 3DS CPad Neutral.png Allows Link to run around the pond

While casting

N64 GCN Wii 3DS Action
N64 Button A.png Plus N64 Control Neutral.png Gamecube Button A.png Plus Gamecube Control Neutral.png Wii Classic Button A.png Plus Wii Classic LStick Neutral.png 3DS Button A.png Plus 3DS CPad Neutral.png Makes the lure stop and fall right where it is

While fishing

N64 GCN Wii 3DS Action
N64 Button A.png Gamecube Button A.png Wii Classic Button A.png 3DS Button A.png Reels the line in
N64 Button A.png Plus N64 Button R.png Gamecube Button A.png Plus Gamecube Button R.png Wii Classic Button A.png Plus Wii Classic Button R.png 3DS Button A.png Plus 3DS Button R.png Reels the line in faster
N64 Button B.png Or N64 Control Neutral.png Gamecube Button B.png Or Gamecube Control Neutral.png Wii Classic Button B.png Or Wii Classic LStick Neutral.png 3DS Button B.png Or 3DS CPad Neutral.png Makes Link wiggle the lure to attract fish
N64 Button Z.png Gamecube Button L.png Wii Classic Button L.png 3DS Button L.png Moves the camera closer or farther from the lure

While a fish is hooked

N64 GCN Wii 3DS Action
N64 Button A.png Gamecube Button A.png Wii Classic Button A.png 3DS Button A.png Reels the line in
N64 Control Neutral.png Gamecube Control Neutral.png Wii Classic LStick Neutral.png 3DS CPad Neutral.png Moves the line either left, right, or down, making it easier to catch fish
N64 Button Z.png Gamecube Button L.png Wii Classic Button L.png 3DS Button L.png Moves the camera closer or farther from the lure

Twilight Princess

Link catches a Hyrule Bass while bobber fishing

Fishing in Twilight Princess allows two kinds of fishing: bobber fishing and lure fishing.[11]

Bobber Fishing

Bobber fishing is completely free and can be done in any area of Twilight Princess provided that there is a body of water near. It consists of a simple hook and a bobber attached to a line. After Link obtains the Fishing Rod from Colin's mother near the beginning of the game, Link will also be given an item called a Fish Journal that keeps track of all the fish he has caught during the journey while bobber-fishing only.

To bobber fish in the Nintendo GameCube version of Twilight Princess, the fishing rod can be equipped to either the Y or X buttons. By pressing back on the C-Stick, Link will raise his left hand, turning the rod vertically. Only by releasing the C-Stick quickly will the line be cast into the water. The bobber will align itself vertically and start to sink. To catch a fish, Link must simply wait until the bobber gets pulled down underwater at least half of its total length. Waiting too long to pull back the C-Stick to catch the fish will cause the fish to get away; however, pulling back too early will not give it time enough to set the hook. Once the fish is finally hooked, the C-Stick must be pulled back at all times to make the fish land.

To increase the chance of fish biting onto the hook, Link can use two kinds of bait. To equip the bait in the Nintendo GameCube version (assuming there is not already bait in the hook), the rod must be set to one of the two available buttons while the desired bait to the remaining button. The button in which the bait is assigned to must then be pressed, causing Link to automatically set the bait to the fishing rod.

The types of bait available for bobber fishing are:

TP Worm Render.png
  • Bait - to obtain bee larvae, Link can knock down any of the beehives that are seen scattered throughout Hyrule, mainly the one in Ordon Village and another one behind Hena's fishing hut. After the bees are destroyed, the remains of the beehive can be scooped up by using an empty Bottle. Each scoop contains ten (10) larvae.
  • Worm - to obtain worms, a Bomskit must be defeated. They are usually seen in the Hyrule Field right outside the Faron Woods. After its defeat, the Bomskit will leave a worm wiggling in the ground which can be easily scooped with an empty Bottle, yielding only one (1) worm. The worms can also be found by digging in mounds of dirt as Wolf Link.

Along with the type of bait available, Link also has two kinds of hooks. The first hook is the bone hook, which already comes equipped when the young hero first receives the fishing rod. The other hook, known as the Coral Earring, is given to Link from Ralis after showing him Ashei's Sketch of Yeto.[12]

While Link is bobber fishing, he can catch the same kind of fish as he would if he were lure fishing (see below for the list). However, from time to time, the young hero might also accidentally reel in random objects like an Empty Can, a Bag of Rupees, an empty Bottle, or even the Sinking Lure.

Lure Fishing

Link catching a Hylian Pike while lure fishing with Hena

Lure fishing in Twilight Princess can only be done by renting a fishing rod and a canoe from Hena's Fishing Hole located in Upper Zora's River.[13] The fishing hole in Twilight Princess is unique in that each time Link enters the pond, the scenery changes to match that of the four seasons. The default season is spring; however, if Link reenters the fishing hole, the atmosphere will change to that of summer, and so on. This becomes important when seeking to catch the Hylian Loach, since the rare fish can only be caught during summertime.[14]

Link can fish alone with unlimited time for just 20 Rupees;[15] however, for 100 Rupees, Hena will join Link and advise him on several things such as the best spot to fish,[16] but will not allow the use of a sinking lure, as she believes it is cheating and harmful to the fishes and environment.[17] She will, however, allow him to use four different types of floating lures: the swimmer, popper, spinner, and frog types.[18]

The fishing hole area goes through a variety of weather patterns that affect the clarity of the water. In the morning, the water is usually rather clear, allowing Link to see the various types of fish that are in the pond. As the day progresses, fog will start to overcome the fishing hole, which makes the water rather opaque and hard to see through; thus, the fish will be almost impossible to see despite that they may be a few inches in front of the lure. Just like in Ocarina of Time, rain will also fall at random times throughout the day.


While not fishing

GCN Action
Gamecube Control Neutral.png Moves the canoe
Gamecube Button A.png Options (Go Back, Change Lure, Quit)
Gamecube Button B.png Enters cast mode
Gamecube CStick Down.png Casts the line by pushing the C Stick back after entering "cast mode"
Gamecube CStick Up.png Switches to first-person point of view
Gamecube Button Z.png General information

While fishing

GCN Action
Gamecube Control Neutral.png Makes Link wiggle the lure to attract fish
Gamecube Button B.png Reels the line in
Gamecube DPad Down.png Reels the line in faster
Gamecube CStick Neutral.png Moves the camera closer or farther from the lure
Neptoona flies into the air as Link tries to reel her in

While a fish is hooked

GCN Action
Gamecube Button B.png Plus Gamecube Control Neutral.png Once a fish bites, the line will be hooked and will reel in the fish
Gamecube CStick Neutral.png Moves the camera closer or farther from the lure
Gamecube Button A.png After the word "Land" appears on the screen, the A button must be pressed to grab the fish and have it measured

Phantom Hourglass

In Phantom Hourglass, the Fishing Rod can be used only when on top of one of the fish shadows on the Sea Chart. To start fishing, the Menu button and then the Fish button must be pressed. While fishing, there is a bar on the left that tells Link how close the fish is to getting away. If the bar hits bottom, then the fish gets away. To get the bar up, the stylus must be held down on the lowest point of the screen. To pull the fish towards the boat, small circles must be drawn on the screen beside the boat in the opposite direction of the fish. If the fish jumps, Link has to let go of the rod.

The fishing minigame is enabled after completing the Mermaid Sidequest for the Old Wayfarer. When Link brings back a Loovar as proof of his skill, the Wayfarer gives him a Big Catch Lure that will enable him to catch bigger fish. When Link brings back a Rusty Swordfish, the Wayfarer tells him the legend of the huge Neptoona. The Neptoona appears as a different-looking fish shadow on the Sea Chart, which is more difficult to chase down because it moves so fast. Hauling one in and showing it to the Wayfarer will net Link another Heart Container. The Old Wayfarer rewards Link a random ship part for catching a fish with a Stowfish attached to it.


Main article: Fish

In Ocarina of Time, only the Hyrule Bass and the Hyrule Loach could be caught in the fishing pond; however, in Twilight Princess and Phantom Hourglass, the variety of fish increased, making some of them only available in certain areas of its respective game.

Twilight Princess

Most of the fish in Twilight Princess can be found in Hena's Fishing Hole. The list below mentions several other locations in which the specific type of fish can be found throughout Hyrule.

Image Name Notes
Greengill.png Greengill Easily caught and is found in most bodies of water: if there are fish, then there is a good chance that some of them are Greengills.
Hyrulebass.png Hyrule Bass Found mostly in the Fishing Hole and also common in the Spirit Springs across Hyrule.
Hylianpike.png Hylian Pike Commonly found in the Fishing Hole and in the Spirit Springs. This fish is popular among anglers.
Ordoncatfish.png Ordon Catfish Located in Ordona Province, Lanayru Province, and Faron Province, this fish is not too popular among anglers.
Reekfish.png Reekfish This fish can only be found in Zora's Domain, and it can only be caught using Prince Ralis's Coral Earring.
Hylianloach.png Hylian Loach The legendary fish that can only be found during the summertime in the fishing hole. There are other smaller Hylian Loaches that can be found in the Lanayru Province.[19]
TP Skullfish Model.png Skullfish These persistent enemies can be caught with the fishing rod while bobber fishing. However, they are illegal and will not be recorded in the journal.[20]
Bombfish.png Bombfish Somewhat difficult to catch, these explosive fish can be put into a Bomb Bag as a Water Bomb when caught while bobber fishing. Like the Skullfish, they are "forbidden fish", and will not be added to the journal.[21]

Phantom Hourglass

Phantom Hourglass holds a range of six different types of fish that can be caught.

Render Name Icon
Skippyjack.png Skippyjack Skippyjack Icon.png
Toona.png Toona Toona Icon.png
Loovar.png Loovar Loovar Icon.png
N/A Rusty Swordfish Rusty Swordfish Icon.png
N/A Neptoona Neptoona Icon.png
Stowfish.png Stowfish Stowfish Icon.png

Majora's Mask 3D

Majora's Mask 3D introduces a variety of fish to Termina, some species of which can only be obtained by wearing certain Masks.

Image Name Notes
MM3D Ambrosial Amberjack.png Ambrosial Amberjack The Ambrosial Amberjack is found in the Ocean Fishing Hole. It is located near the deep ocean.
MM3D Ancient Fish.png Ancient Fish These are caught by wearing the Gibdo Mask in the Swamp Fishing Hole.
MM3D Bashful Angler.png Bashful Angler
MM3D Colossal Catfish.png Colossal Catfish
MM3D Cuccofish.png Cuccofish
MM3D Dancing Sea Bream.png Dancing Sea Bream
MM3D Ferocious Pirarucu.png Ferocious Pirarucu
MM3D Fairy Fish.png Fairy Fish
MM3D Fragrant Reekfish.png Fragrant Reekfish
MM3D Goodta Goby.png Goodta Goby
MM3D Grand Swordfish.png Grand Swordfish
MM3D Great Fairy Fish.png Great Fairy Fish
MM3D Groovy Carp.png Groovy Carp
MM3D Lord Chapu-Chapu.png Lord Chapu-Chapu
MM3D Mooranha.png Mooranha
MM3D Ninja Flounder.png Ninja Flounder
MM3D Postal Salmon.png Postal Salmon This fish can only be found in the Swamp Fishing Hole. It is caught while wearing the Postman's Hat, which causes it to stop in its tracks.
MM3D Savage Shark.png Savage Shark
MM3D Sweet Ranchfish.png Sweet Ranchfish
MM3D Termina Bass.png Termina Bass
MM3D Termina Loach.png Termina Loach
MM3D Termina Seabass.png Termina Seabass


  • In Twilight Princess, it is possible to cast the line into lava; however, there is nothing to catch.
  • Despite being left-handed, Link uses the fishing rod with his right hand in the GameCube version of Twilight Princess. Since Link already uses his right hand in the GameCube version, this is the only thing in the game that is not mirrored in the Wii version of Twilight Princess.



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