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Fire Temple
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"Fire Temple" is a Song in Ocarina of Time.[1]


"Fire Temple" is associated with the Fire Temple and it plays whenever Link is inside it.

"Fire Temple" is the 35th track in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D Official Soundtrack.

Because of religious controversy and Nintendo's policy against references to real-world religions at the time, there are two distinct versions of "Fire Temple" present in Ocarina of Time. In versions 1.0 and 1.1 of Ocarina of Time, "Fire Temple" sampled "Track 76" from Voice Spectral Vol 1 by Best Service.[2][3][4] In addition to its presence in Ocarina of Time, "Track 76" was used in the 1998 Nintendo 64 ports of Cruis'n World and the 2002 Xbox exclusive Kakuto Chojin: Back Alley Brutal.[2] However, as "Track 76" contains various excerpts of Islamic prayer, the adaptations were widely considered insulting and resulted in multiple accounts of controversy for Muslim communities. The inclusion of "Track 76" in Kakuto Chojin received a formal protest from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, prompting Microsoft to withdraw and destroy all available copies of the game internationally.[5]

According to Greg Hamilton, a representative of Nintendo of America Inc., "Track 76" was sampled by Koji Kondo without any knowledge of the meaning of its contents.[6] Upon being informed of the religious connotations of the track, Kondo revised "Fire Temple" to include a MIDI synthesizer in place of the chanting in accordance with Nintendo's policy to avoid references to religion.[6] The revised track is present in version 1.2 and all subsequent versions of Ocarina of Time,[7] which were made publicly available after the game's initial release.[2]

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