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Fire Temple (Spirit Tracks)

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For the dungeon in Ocarina of Time, see Fire Temple (Ocarina of Time).
Fire Temple
The Temple's entrance
Location(s) Fire Realm
Game(s) Spirit Tracks
Main Item Bow
Mini-boss(es) Heatoise
Boss(es) Cragma
Quest Reward(s)Force Gem
Heart Container

The Fire Temple,[1] also known as the Mountain Temple,[citation needed] is a Dungeon in Spirit Tracks. The Dungeon’s main item is the Bow and its boss is Cragma.

Entrance to the Temple

The Fire Temple is located at the summit of the mountain in the Fire Realm. Link has to meet with Embrose to play the Song of Fire Restoration and open the way to the dungeon. The area where the temple lies is guarded by three Snurglars, all of which hold three keys that will open the entrance to the temple once retrieved by Link.

Themes and Navigation

Link crossing one of the first obstacles

Many of the puzzles in the temple involve platforms that can be used to stand atop small volcanoes, and Arrow Orbs that redirect the trajectory of an arrow. In a similar way to the Cave of Flames in The Minish Cap, the Fire Temple houses minecarts that help Link move from a point to another quickly. The dungeon item is a Bow, which is obtained after defeating the Sub-Boss of the dungeon, Heatoise. Cragma is the boss of the Fire Temple. After he is defeated, the Spirit Tracks connecting the Fire Realm to the Tower of Spirits are restored.

In both this temple and the following one, the background music is different from the usual dungeon theme heard in the first three temples.

Minor Traps and Enemies


  • The name in the European version of Spirit Tracks, "Mountain Temple", may provide an explanation for why the Rabbits in the Fire Realm are called Mountain Rabbits and not Fire Rabbits.


While both this temple and the temple from Ocarina of Time share the same name in the North American English and other language versions, their Japanese names are slightly different: the Fire Temple from Spirit Tracks is known as 火の神殿 (Hi no Shinden) while the Fire Temple from Ocarina of Time is known as 炎の神殿 (Honō no Shinden). 火 (Hi) literally translates as "fire," while 炎 (Honō) usually means "flame" or "blaze." It was likely translated as Fire for sake of clarity.

TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland EnglishUK Mountain Temple
Japan Japanese 火の神殿 (Hi no Shinden) Fire Temple
French-speaking countries French Temple du Feu Temple of Fire
Federal Republic of Germany German Feuertempel Fire Temple
Italian Republic Italian Tempio delle Fiamme
Spanish-speaking countries Spanish Templo del Fuego Temple of Fire


See Also


  1. Encyclopedia (Dark Horse Books), pg. 157
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